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Cardi B Says 'Career Comes First' And Kids Are Second Place While Discussing Offset Marriage Troubles!

Cardi B Says 'Career Comes First' And Kids Are Second Place While Discussing Offset Marriage Troubles! 

Cardi B has a list of priorities in her life — and you might be surprised at what takes the top spot!

In an interview published with Rolling Stone on Thursday, the rapper opened up about her marital issues with her husband and father of their kids, Offset. As you know, the pair have been together on and off for more than seven years. Cardi and Offset split again in 2023 amid allegations the Migos member cheated on her… again. However, they sparked reconciliation rumors weeks later when they were with each other for the holidays. The duo most likely celebrated Christmas together for the sake of their little ones, as many amicable co-parents do! But given their history, fans couldn’t help but think Offset and Cardi rekindled their romance.

Immediately, she angrily shut down the rumors. But not so fast, though! The two then continued to fuel fan theories when they spent Valentine’s Day together in February. And three months later, they then attended a Met Gala afterparty together. So, it seems Cardi and Offset are giving their romance another shot! However, it sounds like they still have a LOT of issues to work out!

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Speaking with Rolling Stone, Cardi talked about the challenges in their marriage. Surprisingly, the Bodak Yellow artist didn’t talk about her hubby’s faults. You know, like his alleged infidelity! Instead, she zeroed in on her own failings within their relationship! Here’s where her kids come into the situation. Cardi said she’s not necessarily the best wife at times. Why? Her music “career comes first” — even before her two children, Kulture and Wave! She explained:

“We have our own bad stuff. We’re from two different worlds. Sometimes I cannot be … not that I cannot be a wife. It’s just like, my career takes my life. You know what I’m saying? My career comes first, then my kids come second. And then sometimes I don’t realize that I’m putting so many things before my relationship.”

Those two things in her life take up most of her time — leaving very little room for her marriage. But career first and kids second?! Damn!! Really??

Oh, and Cardi doesn’t plan to change that anytime soon!! She continued by reiterating that her job is indeed first and her kids take second place:

“I don’t want to grow. I remember last year when we was going through our hard time. And it’s like, ‘Put your album out. You’re overstressing. When was the last time we went on a vacation?’ And it’s like, ‘I don’t got time to go on a vacation, because this comes first.’ This comes first and then my kids come second. The little things I have to take care of then comes. I sometimes feel like I do probably put my relationship last.”


As for what she decided to do about her marriage? Cardi doesn’t seem to have a clear answer for anyone right now. She said:

“I think it through. We think it through, because we do love each other. It’s not even about love. We’re best friends. And it’s like, ‘OK. Well, there was a time that I didn’t have a best friend, or I didn’t have a support system.’ It’s not even about ‘How do you leave a partner?’ How do you stop talking to your best friend?”

If it’s true that Offset cheated (again), no one would blame Cardi for saving herself from more heartache, ditching him for good, and only co-parenting together moving forward! Once a cheater, always a cheater, ya know? At least in this case, it seems.  When it comes to that comment about Kulture and Wave, though? It’s important to note that Cardi did later revise her list of priorities to say her “kids come first.” She then added:

“My kids come before anything.”

OK, well, that’s better…

But whether her kids come first and then her career or vice versa, it sounds like Offset — or any future romantic partner — isn’t coming anywhere close to taking the highest spot in her life! What are YOUR thoughts on this, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments below!

[Image via Cardi B/Instagram, MEGA/WENN, WENN/Avalon]

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