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Cardi B Says She Wants To Be A Politician -- Hey, Why Not? Can't Get Worse, Right?!

Cardi B politician tweets

How does Okurrrrrrr 2024 sound to y’all?!

Cardi B says she wants to be a politician! And even though she isn’t yet ready to flesh out what that means (she says she’ll come back to it “another day”), the Bodak Yellow rapper clearly would have a pretty sizable fan base to support her if she ever did decide to run for office…

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The hubbub all started on Sunday afternoon, when the rapper and Offset‘s high-powered partner tweeted her dislike of government, but… like of government? WTF?!

Look (below), and see where we are as a society right now at the beginning of 2020:

OK then! Talk about a random tweet. What could’ve possibly made Cardi tweet that exact thing, at this exact time?!

Oh, wait… she explained that, too! LOLz. Here’s where all the political leanings came from, apparently:

Nice! Gotta love an informed woman who watches war documentaries in her down time!

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And even though the rapper got thousands of people flying through her comments section after proposing the beginning of her political career, Cardi later admitted she wasn’t ready to dive all the way in on that just yet.

Apparently, it’d be better to save things for another day:


Still, LOTS of people reacted very strongly to the idea of Cardi B as a Senator, or Congresswoman, or something.

“Have you ever thought about going back to school so you can get your degree in political science,” one tweeter in the replies asked. Others were straight-up supportive, with one tweeting, “Cardi for president let’s goooooo,” and another adding:

“Bernie+Cardi vs. Trump+Pence. she is from the working class after all.”

LOLz!!! What a matchup that would be later this year…

Obviously, with pop culture inspiration from crossovers like Donald Trump and potential crossovers like Kanye West, why couldn’t Cardi B run for President or something one day? Heck, what do we have to lose with her that we didn’t lose when The Donald became President in the first place??

We’d vote for you over Donald FOR SURE, Cardi! LOLz!!!

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Well, what do U think about it all, Perezcious readers?! Is Cardi B that far-fetched in her idea of maybe one day getting into politics?! Certainly other one-time celebrities have normalized it and then some, so why shouldn’t Kulture‘s momma be allowed to get in on the action too, ya know??

We’re just saying!!!

But we want to hear from you, and know how you feel about the potential of a Cardi political career, too! Sound OFF with your opinions about the entire manner in the comment section (below)!!!

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