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Pastor Carl Lentz Trying To Recover From Womanizing Ways In 'Intense' Couples Therapy

carl lentz reportedly in intensive couples therapy after scandal

Sounds like Carl Lentz is trying to make his way back to the righteous path… or at least the dirt road of not being a total sleazeball!

As we previously reported, the disgraced pastor was booted from megachurch Hillsong for “moral failures” — after which we learned he had cheated on his wife, Laura Lentz. In his statement on the firing, Lentz confirmed his infidelity and said he would be beginning “a journey of rebuilding trust” with his wife. Now, according to a source for Page Six, that’s exactly what he’s doing.

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The insider told the outlet:

“Carl’s taking time to work on his marriage, go through intense counseling with his wife, and spend time with his kids. He is committed to rebuilding trust and fixing his marriage. Carl never had any plans to leave his marriage.”

Uh, yeah, that isn’t 100% up to him though. Sometimes the cheating on your wife WILL end in you leaving your marriage, whether you want it to or not.

The insider also added:

“He’s got no plans to open his own church. Carl knows he put Hillsong in a bad spot, but he’s appreciative of all they did for him. He’s reaffirming his relationship with God.”

OF COURSE he can’t start his own church! If you thought he made Hillsong look hypocritical, just imagine a whole church built on a foundation of infidelity!

Speaking of which, it may take more work than couples’ counseling to address what lead him astray.

Earlier this week, another Page Six source shared observations of the celebrity preacher from Jennifer Lopez‘s post-Super Bowl yacht party — and his behavior was questionable, to say the least.

The insider who observed Lentz’s behavior said he was acting like a “womanizing manwhore,” saying that he and friend Rich Wilkerson Jr. (spiritual advisor to Kanye and Kim Kardashian West) were “partying their asses off” and “acting really weird.” Lentz was also spotted flirting with various women throughout the night! Ick!

One attendee said they saw various women sitting in his lap — though in fairness, another attendee claimed that one of those women was his wife, who was also at the party. Hmm. Was she there when he was looking for the hookup with the other random boat girls?

In addition, the source said Carl and Rich “were celebrity-obsessed” and “running around like inappropriate superfans” taking videos for their social media to prove they knew celebs. It doesn’t take much digging on Carl’s Instagram page to find the evidence of that kind of thing…

Last week, Page Six gave some more insight into Lentz’s glitzy lifestyle. An insider remarked:

“He was always living the pop star life, popping bottles on private planes. The infidelity was not a surprise. At one point, he was in Australia with [Justin] Bieber at a bar with his shirt off and doing shots… He’s new age and modern, but shots and taking off your clothes in public places? Come on.”

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Far from the celebrity high life now, the pastor has reportedly sold his New Jersey home, relocated his family to Los Angeles, and essentially dropped off the radar. The source claimed:

“It’s like he’s gone into hiding. He’s not returning anyone’s phone calls. Friends have been trying to encourage him to hire someone to navigate this situation, but he’s not responding.”

For the sake of his family, we hope Lentz is able to make amends for his behavior. But it sounds like he has to reckon with a lot of unholy actions in order to move forward — maybe not just one slip.

[Image via Vice/YouTube & Carl Letnz/Instagram]

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