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Disgraced Pastor Carl Lentz Allegedly Caught Having S*x With A 'Young Celebrity'

disgraced hillsong pastor carl lentz allegedly caught having sex with young celebrity

The drama continues as more skeletons emerge from Carl Lentz’s closet…

As we’ve been reporting, Hillsong Church parted ways with the disgraced pastor after learning about his inappropriate behavior, which Lentz later revealed to be infidelity to his wife Laura. Except as the story developed, we found out the popular faith organization knew about (and covered up) his indiscretions a long time ago, which included more than one affair.

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Now, some more info about Carl’s lecherous ways has arrived from a somewhat surprising source… his dog walker! Lee Martin spoke with The Sun about catching the supposed holy man and a “much younger” celebrity in a compromising position when he was working for the Lentz family.

Martin explained:

“They lived in a building in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where I had the majority of my dog walking business. I walked into the house one day to walk their dog and I didn’t see or hear any people in the apartment at first. So I took it that no one was there and went in and got their dog on a leash. And as I went to exit the apartment, I walked past the bedroom and I heard s*x noises – it definitely sounded like two people were having s*x.”

Though the dog walker was a bit “shocked,” he admitted that he has walked into similar situations “quite a lot” in his business. He continued:

“I knew that I wasn’t supposed to be there because nobody would be making those kinds of noises if they knew someone was around. When I walked out of the door, I accidentally let the door close behind me too loud. And so by the time I made it to the elevator, Carl and the star were right behind me. He didn’t look me in the eye, and didn’t talk to me or acknowledge me, which was very unlike him. They both seemed kind of flushed – like they had been having s*x. I didn’t see into the bedroom but I know what I heard and I believe what I heard was Carl and the celebrity having s*x with each other.”

Hmm… very suspicious! There’s a long list of celebrity members in Hillsong’s congregation, so it’s anyone’s guess who the young starlet could be. Based on what we know about Carl, though, this news doesn’t really surprise us.

Catching the former pastor in the act wasn’t the only odd occurrence Martin experienced while working for the Lentz family, however. He shared:

“There was always a group of celebrities and model-looking type people, all wearing expensive black clothes, hanging in the lobby of this building trying to get people to come in [to the church]. I remember him with a blonder, taller guy. And he had that guy stand next to me in the elevator and say, ‘Why don’t you come to our church?’ And I was like, ‘Well, I’m just not interested, I have my own beliefs that are working for me, but thanks.'”

Martin went on:

“And he replied, ‘Don’t you know who this is? This guy has changed so many people’s lives. You’re really wasting an opportunity.’ And they really tried to make me feel guilty for being ungrateful. This was at least a dozen times that I had to have this conversation with either Carl or one of his followers.”

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The strange behavior even extended to the dogs themselves. Martin recalled:

“For a number of months, they didn’t have me to walk their dogs – they traveled a lot and things. Then when I started walking their dog again I saw they had got rid of their old dog and got a new one that looked similar. But when I asked them, they said it was the same dog. I knew it wasn’t – it was just weird behavior.”

Okay, that IS weird. Sleeping with celebs and trying to convert people we expected, but lying about replacing your dog??? What’s the motivation there? Super bizarre.

Martin told the outlet he shared his story hoping that it would encourage other people to come forward about their experiences with Lentz, who the dog walker called “manipulative” and “pushy.”

It definitely seems like the floodgates are open now, and we expect to hear more stories about the dark side of Hillsong in the future.

[Image via Hillsong/YouTube]

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