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Attorney For Carole Baskin's Husband Offers His Theory On Disappearance: 'There's No Question' He Was Murdered

Carole Baskin husband attorney murder theory

As the coronavirus quarantine continues, nothing has kept us all entertained more than Tiger King

But while Joe Exotic’s case is pretty open and shut (he is in prison for 22 years, after all), the disappearance of Carole Baskin’s husband Jack “Don” Lewis remains a mystery. Many theories have been presented — most of which pin the blame on Carole herself. Now, Lewis’s attorney is proposing his own theory. 

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The lawyer, Joseph Fritz, told Nancy Grace that in his opinion, “there’s no question but that he was murdered.”

Elaborating to People, he said: 

“I do have reason to believe he is dead. Too many indications of foul play, too many motives, too many opportunities. He wouldn’t leave his family, his fortune and his kids behind. There was enough motive and enough opportunity for something bad to have happened, and it probably did.”

FYI, in Carole’s response to the series, she claimed that the millionaire “refused to have anything to do with his kids” before he died. So, he may not exactly be the family man Fritz is making him out to be. Depends on who you believe!

Joseph fritz tiger king netflix
Joseph Fritz appeared to offer a legal perspective in the Tiger King series. / (c) Netflix

As for what actually happened to Lewis, Fritz said he’s heard from “two sources” that the 60-year-old “may have been lured to a nearby airport.” He alleged:

“We heard he got strangled with an electric cord in the backseat and was thrown out over the gulf. In my working theory, one person [was] flying the plane and one person [was] strangling.”

If you’ll recall, Fritz made a similar claim on the show:

“My understanding was, he went to evaluate some new plane that was for sale. I was told that he was pushed out of the plane, out of the door, 50 feet over the gulf, way out.”

Despite suspicion cast on the cat lady throughout the series — including by the attorney himself — an airplane murder doesn’t exactly point to Carole. Fritz refrained from pointing fingers in the docuseries, mysteriously saying he “won’t going there.”

To People, he admitted, “I don’t know who the murderer is. I don’t know who they are not.”

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He still believes the killer will be caught one day, and said his reasons for speaking about the case are personal. He explained:

“Don was a friend of mine; I want to keep the ball up in the air for as long as humanly possible to get as much info as possible. That’s my motive.”

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office has held out similar hope, trying to take advantage of the popularity of the series by sourcing new tips from the public regarding the cold case. So far, it doesn’t seem that there have been any new leads. 

What do U think, Perezcious readers??? Any new theories? Or do you still think Carole Baskin is behind it all? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments (below).

[Image via Netflix]

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