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Roommate Of Casey Anthony's BF Spills About Odd Behavior Surrounding Caylee's Disappearance

casey anthony boyfriend's roommate details her strange behavior during caylee's disappearance

Casey Anthony‘s behavior surrounding the appearance of her daughter Caylee has always been brow-raising. Even those closest to her agree she had some seriously strange moments before and during her trial, one person in particular being her former boyfriend Tony Lazzaro‘s roommate, Cameron Campana.

At the time of Caylee’s disappearance, Casey had been living with Tony and his three roommates. Cameron spoke to The US Sun on Wednesday to tell his side of things. After all, he saw firsthand just how odd the now 36-year-old acted during that infamous time:

“I saw Casey almost every day throughout those 31 days because she was practically living with us at the time … we never saw Caylee but Casey was there.”

He went on to add he just “assumed” that the little girl was elsewhere:

“But I would just assume Caylee was either with her nanny or one of the grandparents.”

The last thing anyone could’ve imagined at that time would be Caylee was dead.

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Cameron said he didn’t see anything weird about Casey during their interactions at all, in fact:

“Casey just seemed normal, same old Casey. It was actually during those 31 days that I got to know her much better because she was around all the time. I didn’t notice anything out of the normal at all, in fact, she was more relaxed than she had been with us because we knew her better and it felt like the was a part of the group and the apartment.”

The strange part only arose when the roommates would ask her about her daughter:

“At one point I remember [my roommate] and I asked Casey, ‘Oh, we haven’t seen our little friend Caylee around in a while,’ and she had an excuse right off the bat. She’d be like, ‘oh, yeah, her and the nanny are going to Universal [Studios] this week, then they’re going to Epcot one day, and the Magic Kingdom another day.”

As we all know now, there would be no magic to speak of…

But even then, the former roommate didn’t think this was an unbelievable tale:

“And it was believable, it wasn’t like she had to think about it or whatever. Being a 20-something mom at the time who supposedly had a nanny, that wasn’t unbelievable during the summer. There was nothing that would make us be like, ‘is there something weird going on here?'”

Tony’s friend recalled the moment he met Casey and Caylee, and he was very impressed by the intelligent little girl and her “sociable” mother:

“She was just very nice and very sociable. Casey was just cracking jokes and playing with Caylee. And Caylee, she was pretty much the same every time I saw her, she was just a fun-loving child who just loved having fun and was really smart for her age. She was two and knew how to count to 10 in Spanish – and I couldn’t even do that at the age of 20. It was a very good first impression. To think that just five months later how everything would drastically change just blows my mind. I would have never imagine that in my wildest dreams.”

Knowing what the world does now, the mom’s overprotective attitude over her daughter is only more perplexing, though:

“They seemed like they were best friends and Casey seemed very protective of her. I never once heard Casey raise a voice to her or grab her by the arm or anything. There was one time that we went to our local swimming pool in our apartment block and Kaylee almost got a little too close to the water without her water wings. Casey ran over and picked her up and told her, ‘remember what I told you – don’t get too close to the water without your wings on.'”

Cameron recalled the exact moment he found out about Caylee’s disappearance, saying it left him slack-jawed and caused him to drop a bottle to the floor:

“I was just so shocked, I kept wondering ‘how can this happen?’ I told the cop right there and then, ‘come in sir and do whatever you need to do.’ He told me he didn’t have a search warrant but I said, ‘I don’t care. There’s a child missing. Come in and search the entire place to make sure everything is okay.'”

Sadly, though, things weren’t okay. Two days later the former roommate was waiting for updates when he ran into Casey’s brother Lee Anthony. This is when the strange lies started to unfold as Lee asked the man what his sister had told them, to which Cameron replied what he had been told — that she worked for Universal Studios and had been going to school. Allegedly, her brother told him:

“Well, my sister never even graduated high school. And she’s known to steal money from our family and lie about everything.”

This is when everything started to fall apart:

“That’s when the first set of lies started coming out. And then we were finding out all these other things, like that she didn’t really work at Universal. It was surreal; it was almost like you were in a bad dream. But almost fifteen years later, we’re still living in it.”

So heartbreaking. All these years later, though, Cameron still wants the same thing — justice for Caylee.

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