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Catt Sadler Undergoes Major Facelift -- And Gives ‘Zero F**ks What People Think’

Catt Sadler Debuts New Facelift -- And Gives ‘Zero F**ks What People Think’

Catt Sadler is facing off against aging… literally!

The former E! News reporter is opening up about going under the knife at 48 years old, and has no regrets about it! In an interview with Glamour last week, Catt shared that she recently underwent a surgical facelift, neck lift, and blepharoplasty (a surgery that removes excess skin from the eyelids) after injectables just weren’t quite getting the job done anymore. But she wanted to make it clear she didn’t do it for anyone but herself! She told the outlet:

“I don’t know if it was as much societal pressure. I mean, I’d be lying. I think it was more top of mind when I was on TV every day. It’s not like I did it because I can’t get a job. It’s not that I did it because I want my boyfriend to think I look 35. None of that was a consideration. It was more about looking in the mirror and feeling good. How I feel.”

Everyone deserves to look great and feel good about themselves, so more power to her!

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Catt explained that she first began getting injectables in her thirties, but “in the last two to three years,” she began to notice her body changing in a way that made her feel less than satisfied:

“It started bugging me when I was looking in the mirror more than ever before. I was like, Why do I look so tired? Or why in photos do I look sad? And your lips literally just start going down because of gravity. So my resting face was a face of sadness or exhaustion. It didn’t really matter that I do hot yoga. Or that I eat really well. Or take my supplements. I do so much to live a healthy life, but the expression of that was not coming across in my face.”

She added:

“I knew Botox wasn’t going to fix my sagging face and my little chicken neck. I was like, ‘What can I do?’”

She consulted with a plastic surgeon who recommended the procedures, telling her that if she had it done now it would look more “natural,” versus if she waited another 10 years, when it would turn out more obvious. So she went with it.

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The entertainment reporter shared before and after photos on her Instagram, showing off her bruised and bandaged face immediately post op and told the outlet that for the first week after the surgery, she felt “really miserable” – even having to relearn how to use her jaw! She shared:

“There is an anxious feeling, a mildly depressed feeling. And I think I experienced that a little bit.”

However, with the support of her boyfriend and two sons, Austin, 22, and Arion, 18, and a little bit of healing time, she’s come out the other end a new woman, and believes she “did the right thing.”

OK, she looks AH-Mazing! She shared:

“Everything’s kind of getting back to where it was. And it takes a minute for all that to get back together.”

The media personality added:

“I think one of the best parts about getting older is giving zero f**ks what people think of you.”

Tell ’em, girl! Catt has been documenting the entire process on Scriber, but she offered a behind the scenes look on her IG. Watch (below):

What do YOU think about Catt’s new look, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments down below!

[Images via Catt Sadler/Instagram & MEGA/WENN]

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