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Channing Tatum Wasn't An Absent Partner After Daughter's Birth -- Jenna Dewan Says Her Comments Were 'Distorted'

channing tatum, jenna dewan : wasn't an absent father after daughter's birth, comments were distorted

Uh oh — we’ve got a case of headlines spinning out of control on our hands.

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan were a much beloved celeb couple, and lots of fans were disappointed when they split. So it may have come as even more of a shock to recently hear that the Magic Mike star wasn’t present for his daughter shortly after she was born. At least, that’s what it sounded like after Jenna recalled being “without a partner” following Everly’s birth.

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But that particular quote was missing some crucial context, which was that the parents had both scheduled projects that made it difficult to be together at that time. (Channing was filming Jupiter Ascending in London and Chicago, while his wife was due on set for Witches of East End in Canada).

Despite the long distance, though, a source for TMZ shared that the actor did everything he could to make sure his family was “safe and comfortable,” including chartering a private plane to Canada and renting them a nice home in Vancouver. Once production moved to the US, he visited them as much as possible, and even made “less than 24 hour trips” just to be with his baby momma and newborn.

According to the outlet, sources close to both of the Step Up alumni agree that the 40-year-old wasn’t trying to insult Channing, but instead, was attempting to “detail her experience as a working mom with a new baby.” And Jenna did not take kindly to having her words misconstrued. She clarified on Twitter on Tuesday:

“It’s unfortunate that countless media outlets have taken an important conversation on a woman’s experience with postpartum issues and pulled quotes to make it appear that I was slamming my daughter’s father, something I would never do. As two working parents, we both faced challenges at the time, but I speak only for myself and not about him.”

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The momma of two went on:

“Anyone who actually listens to the interview, something I encourage everyone to do, will clearly see that my words have been distorted for clicks and to push false, salacious gossip with no regard for the actual people involved, or the message intended.”

We totally understand why the World of Dance host was bothered by the media cycle. It was very clear from her interview that she wasn’t remotely trying to paint Channing as an absent father — really, it was more about the perils of parenting in Hollywood. Hopefully now this is straightened out and it’s clear to everyone they have a good co-parenting relationship.

[Image via Brian To/WENN]

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