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24-Year-Old Woman's Leg AMPUTATED After Getting Tiny Blister From Wearing Sneakers!

24-Year-Old Woman Forced To Have Leg AMPUTATED After Developing Tiny Blister From Wearing Sneakers!

A UK woman’s life changed forever after developing a tiny blister — which turned into a HUGE issue. And a new anxiety has just been unlocked…

During a resurfaced interview with HullLive initially published last year, Charlie Beardshall-Moore revealed she noticed a small lesion had emerged on her foot after wearing sneakers. It continued to grow and grow, but she didn’t do anything about it until it became infected. The 24-year-old finally went to visit a doctor to have it examined, but to no avail. She bounced around to several specialists for treatments, but it just wouldn’t heal… It eventually got so bad that it began oozing puss and restricted her ability to even walk! She told the outlet it puzzled doctors, until they finally discovered that it had turned into a terrifying infection: sepsis.

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Charlie “nearly died” from the infection because it “was getting that bad that I was getting dizzy and passing out.” Finally, she found a doctor who told her she would need surgery to treat the infection, which left her bed-bound for a long time. But worth it to save your foot, right? Well sadly, that didn’t end up being the case…

In a follow-up interview with the outlet published on Sunday, Charlie revealed the infection persisted… and she had to get her leg AMPUTATED last week!


She’s now recovering at home but detailed how much everything has changed for her now:

“My life has changed massively. I used to go out and was active every day, swimming, working at KFC and going shopping. Now I have lost my independence and I’m having to rely on my partner and grandmother. They have been brilliant, but I can’t understand how for the past three years I have been walking around on tip-toes and the next thing I have had my leg chopped off. I miss being able to do things on my own.”

She added:

“There is a mental health team looking after me. But I’m not coping and suffering from depression when all I want to do is get up and go and do the things any normal 24-year-old would do. As it is, I’m in a wheelchair for the next three months. It’s getting me down.”

The young adult also encouraged anyone who may develop something similar to get it taken care of ASAP:

“People literally need to go and get it checked out straight away. I have now lost my leg. It could happen to anybody.”

So traumatic. Keep an eye on your health, people! Our hearts are with Charlie.

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[Images via Charlie Beardshall-Moore/Instagram & Sony Pictures Releasing/YouTube]

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