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Hallmark Star Mamie Laverock’s Family Say 5-Story Fall 'Shattered' Her Body -- But Will They Sue The Hospital?!

Hallmark Star Mamie Laverock’s Family Say 5-Story Fall ‘Shattered’ Her Body In Grisly Update -- Details

Mamie Laverock’s family has shared another update following the horrifying incident that has her fighting for her life.

The teen star, who’s best known for her role in Hallmark‘s When Calls the Heart, was put on life support last month after suffering a horrific full-body injury. She was already in the hospital for a “medical emergency” but seemed to be stable… That is until the fall.

Her parents Rob and Nicole Compton shared last week in a GoFundMe that while being transported through a balcony walkway in the hospital, Mamie plummeted down five stories — leaving her with “life threatening injuries.” The devastated parents noted in the GoFundMe at the time:

“[Mamie] has undergone multiple extensive surgeries, and is currently on life support. We are all devastated, in shock, at this intensely difficult time.”

And now, they have another update that really paints a picture of just how bad the fall was…

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In their latest addition to the fundraising page, the Rob and Nicole explained how the 19-year-old’s body is completely “shattered.” They wrote:

“Focusing now on Mamie’s surgery today. Her body has been shattered. She has undergone two 11 hour surgeries with two doctors working on her, a three hour surgery and another surgery today. We have nothing but gratitude for the doctors and nurses who have been exemplary in her care since May 26.”


On a more positive note, they added:

“Mamie is ‘doing well’ comparatively to when she arrived Doing well because she has survived these extensive surgeries. She is enduring tremendous pain and continues to not give up. We can only hold onto the miracles of each day and continue to thank everyone for their prayers and marvel at the miracles of her story. Our daughter loves her life and loves her family and is fighting hard everyday.”

What a tough young woman. It sounds like she really is trying so hard to survive this. In an interview with The LA Times over the weekend, Nicole said her daughter has now “opened her eyes” for the first time since the fall. Mamie appears “aware” of her surroundings and was able to squeeze her mom’s hand. But mostly they do have to keep her sedated just so her body can survive the healing.

One last big update? Nicole is making it clear this was NOT intentional. Mamie did not jump, she fell. And the family is absolutely blaming the staff at St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver, who were supposed to be taking care of her at the time. After all, Mom figures, she was still in their care and being escorted — they should have been able to stop her from falling. So yes, as grateful as they are for the great work of the surgeons, the family are considering taking legal action against the hospital. Wow. What a tricky situation.

For now the important thing is just making sure Mamie recovers. We’re sending love and strength and our hearts continue to be with her loved ones during this crucial time.

[Images via Rob & Nicole Compton/GoFundMe & Hallmark/YouTube]

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