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Olivia Munn Was ‘Devastated’ After Seeing Her Breasts Following Double Mastectomy & Struggled With One Seriously Unwanted Result

Olivia Munn Was ‘Devastated’ & ‘Cried’ For A Week After Seeing Her Breasts For The First Time Following Double Mastectomy

Olivia Munn got very vulnerable about her double mastectomy experience.

Back in March, the actress revealed that she underwent the surgery 30 days after being diagnosed with luminal B cancer in both of her breasts in April 2023. After the double mastectomy, Olivia chose to get implants — though she didn’t get them right away.

She still had a lot of feelings post-surgery, primarily about her breasts, and understandably so. It’s sometimes an emotional journey adjusting to changes in your body amid a cancer battle! And for Olivia, she was so “devastated” after seeing her boobs for the first time following the procedure that she “cried” for a whole week! The Newsroom star shared more about that on the SheMD podcast on Tuesday:

“I cried [for] a week after because that was the first time I saw my breasts. … I was by myself in my bathroom, and I looked at them, and I cried in a way that I don’t think I’ve ever cried in my life. I cried. I was devastated. I didn’t recognize myself.”

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A big reason why Olivia had such a tough time after the mastectomy is that she had expanders in, which stretch the skin and muscle to make room for a permanent implant in the future. According to the Magic Mike alum, the expanders looked “strange” since her breasts are “higher up,” “hard,” and look square at the bottom and sides. Mainly, as Olivia put it, “they don’t feel good” at all! She then naturally questioned if they would continue to look and feel that way once the implants were in.

What’s more, Olivia never wanted big breasts. She wanted “small and chic” only. However, her surgeons told her she needed larger implants since so much of her tissue was removed:

“I didn’t want to have big breasts. You think, ‘I’m here.’ All I care about is that I’m alive and I’m here for my baby. But putting that to the side, one day people will forget or not know, or maybe I’ll never tell people that I had cancer, but they’ll look at me and go, ‘Oh, what a bad boob job. Oh, look at her.’”

While the expanders were still in, Olivia felt her breasts “didn’t look good” — which made her super emotional. She also couldn’t help but wonder if she would ever be able to “dress herself” again with a larger chest:

“I thought, ‘Oh, there are so many things that I’ll never be able to wear.’ It just looked like someone took off my breasts and then gave me like, and then took like some tape and paper and Tupperware and were like, ‘Here.’”

Oof. Once the implants were in, Olivia saw a “huge improvement from the expanders,” and everything looked “much better.” However, she still has some insecurities over her new breasts:

“A big reason I grew my hair out was I wanted to be able to hide the scars. I wanted to be able to hide the size of the implant and feel comfortable like that. And maybe one day I’ll get more comfortable with it. … I don’t look the same. But that’s OK. I’m here.”

That’s the most important part at the end of the day! Watch her candid interview (below):

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[Image via SHE MD Podcast/YouTube, Olivia Munn/Instagram]

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