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Missing Woman Last Seen In Uber Was Found Dead -- Stuffed In A Shopping Cart

Missing Woman Last Seen In Uber Was Found Dead -- Stuffed In A Shopping Cart

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

A Chicago woman who had been missing for two months has been found dead.

Rosa Chacon, 21, hasn’t been seen since January 18 when she was spotted getting into an Uber. According to ABC7 at the time, she got into the rideshare outside her South St. Louis Avenue home and was recorded on surveillance video as the vehicle drove away. The young woman’s mother, who shares a name with her daughter, told the outlet:

“She said, ‘I’ll be back, Mom. I got the Uber ride there and the Uber ride back,’ that’s what she told me.”

Her mom noted she didn’t know where her daughter was going or why, nor did she know who ordered the ride. According to the matriarch, Rosa didn’t take anything with her — including essentials like her ID or her coat. This would be the final time the woman spoke to her daughter, and it would be the last time she knew where her daughter was for nearly two months.

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Rosa’s family said they reported her missing to the police but allege very little was done to help in the search for their loved one. The victim’s boyfriend, Alejandro Guzman, told the outlet:

“The cop said a crime had to be committed for them to do anything.”

Sadly, it was too late. And once the family found out a crime had been committed, there was nothing more anyone could do.

On Wednesday around 10:45 a.m. the Chicago Police Department discovered a body near the 2300 block of W. 24th Place — only two miles from where Rosa was last seen. The remains were tied up, wrapped in sheets, and placed inside a laundry cart. Her family was called in — but had to identify her body through her tattoos. Such a devastating end to her missing person’s case.

Uber released a statement saying they can’t share any information publicly due to privacy and policy reasons, but the Cook County Medical Examiner did confirm they’re looking into a cause of death. Meanwhile, the family is left heartbroken and without answers after doing everything they possibly could. According to reports from multiple outlets, Rosa’s family hired the Richart Detective Agency as a private investigative team to assist them in finding their daughter on March 6 because they didn’t think the police were doing enough. Jose Richart, owner of the firm, told Newsweek:

“The family contacted our office for assistance because they recognize that the city of Chicago has many cases like this. We began our investigation and obtained Rosa Chacon’s phone records … We spoke to many individuals and followed numerous leads … [Rosa’s body] was taken to the Cook County Morgue where it could not be identified for reasons I cannot share at this time … At that time Rosa Chacon was identified as Jane Doe.”

The body “could not be identified” for reasons they can’t share? That sounds frankly horrifying. Richart pointed out that despite this he’s still waiting for Chicago Police to confirm this incident as a homicide:

“After Identifying Ms. Chacon’s body, we visited the family and gave them the awful news. We believe the case is now a homicide and Chicago Police are working diligently on obtaining results.”

Rosa’s dad, Jose Lucio, spoke to ABC7 and expressed his grief:

“I miss my baby. Normally when our daughter leaves, we hear from her. She calls the next day, she calls an hour after she leaves, she’s in a house, she’s secure, she’s nice and warm. But we didn’t hear anything.”

Rosa’s mom just can’t grasp what’s happened:

“I don’t know how they have a heart to do somebody like that.”

The grieving family created a GoFundMe to help cover funeral costs, her eldest sister Elizabeth Bello describing her as “spunky and full of life.” She also shared a tear-jerking video of memories with her deceased sister, which you can watch (below):

So heartbreaking… if you’d like to donate, you can click HERE.

The 21-year-old’s family and the local community is offering a $15,000 reward for information that will lead to a conviction. Right now, they’re at a standstill as they anxiously await more information.

Our hearts go out to Rosa’s family and loved ones as they navigate this unthinkable tragedy. We hope they’re given closure soon.

[Image via YouTube/WGN News/GoFundMe]

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