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Chilling Final Words Of Pregnant Woman Allegedly Poisoned By Football Star BF Revealed

Chilling Final Words Of Pregnant Woman Allegedly Poisoned By Football Star BF Revealed

More details have emerged in the case of Blaise Taylor, the football star accused of poisoning his pregnant girlfriend.

Last month, the former Arkansas State University defensive back was arrested over a year after his girlfriend and the child she was carrying passed away. In February of 2023, Blaise called Nashville police informing dispatchers that it appeared Jade Benning was suffering an allergic reaction. The mom-to-be was rushed to the Vanderbilt University Medical Center in critical condition but fell unconscious before being able to speak with EMTs. Her unborn baby died two days later, and on March 6 of 2023, Jade’s 25th birthday, she too passed away.

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In a turn of events, Blaise, who moved to Utah for a pro scouting and defensive analyst job at Utah State University in the wake of Jade’s death, was arrested by US Marshals and charged with poisoning his late girlfriend and her unborn fetus over a year ago. And now, more details have come to light about what exactly happened on the night of Jade’s poisoning.

According to a recent News Channel 5 report, Jade’s best friend took the stand during Blaise’s bond hearing in Nashville on Thursday — and had a lot to spill. She claimed she spoke on the phone with her friend the night things went down — and overheard a strange conversation between the couple. She claimed, via the news station:

“[Jade] was saying, ‘My drink tasted funny, I can’t even walk straight, you did this to do something to the baby.’ I was like, ‘Jade, Jade,’ and she stopped responding.”


As we previously reported, Homicide Unit Detective Adam Reese is the one who discovered evidence to suggest Jade had been poisoned. And while the defense argued there isn’t enough evidence to convict Blaise, Adam speculated the situation may suggest premeditated murder:

“It appeared there had been some cleanup done. It’s not a spur-of-a-moment type of thing to put drugs in someone’s beverage.”

He added that a cup that was in front of Jade in a photo was also missing from the scene. Damn, this is some impressive police work!

Another potential clue is that Blaise called his mother, but when discussing Jade at the time of her hospitalization, he lied — saying instead she had COVID, per the news org… Which is really sus. Why not mention the allergic reaction he reported to 911?

Bond was not set for Blaise, meaning he’ll be in custody until his next court appearance is slated for May 9. You can see the shocking testimony HERE.

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[Images via Jade Benning/Facebook & Red Wolves Corner/YouTube]

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