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Chloe Grace Moretz Stalker Arrested & Charged After Showing Up TWICE At Her Home

Chloe Grace Moretz stalker

This is absolutely horrifying, and we can’t even imagine going through this… and then even the thought of potentially having to face this guy in court, too! Ugh!!
Chloe Grace Moretz‘s stalker — who showed up at her home uninvited two days in a row, with an arrest in between (!) — has been officially charged with trespassing in Los Angeles, but bizarrely, city prosecutors did NOT charge him with stalking.
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An 18-year-old man named Justin Alexander Behr was hit with four counts of misdemeanor trespassing late this week, which makes two counts each for incidents on both June 30 and July 1. Those were the back-to-back days where he allegedly hopped over a gate at Chloe’s home, walked up the back side of the house, and knocked on the door, asking her family if the star was there.
Clearly, that’s a HORRIBLY unnerving incident, but it gets worse — the second time he did it (on July 1), Behr allegedly showed up at the house just THREE HOURS after he had been released from jail after being arrested for the FIRST incident. So it’s clear he’s either, um, a bit of a slow learner… or worse yet there’s something very malicious going on here!
Either way, it must be horrifying as hell to be at home, as Chloe and her family were, and see something like this go down! Ugh!!!
Now, though, the L.A. City Attorney’s Office has officially charged him with four counts of trespassing, so at least he’ll be facing some sort of justice with a future court date and, if convicted, jail time and/or probation. Sources tell TMZ that he was NOT hit with stalking charges because law enforcement officials who investigated did not believe that his actions rose to that level.
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Not sure how you can make that claim considering the back-to-back days allegation, but OK. Obviously, the cops may well know more than what sources have revealed to the media, so there may be some other allegations or issues at play here. But still, this is very, very unsettling.
Stalker or obsessed fan, or whatever — or just a serial alleged trespasser — Chloe’s family is taking no chances with this situation, and they are apparently going forward with a full restraining order against Behr. That’s probably smart, even if the obsessed young man means no harm, because all this is super unsettling and scary.
Ugh… why do people do stuff like this to celebrities?!
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