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Chloë Sevigny Posed Completely Naked & 9 Months Pregnant For The NEW Playgirl Magazine!!

chloe sevigny playgirl pregnant

Playgirl Magazine has a whole new look!

The storied publication, which was founded in 1973, was the female answer to Playboy, an outlet ostensibly for heterosexual women’s sexual fantasies and home to plenty of naked, hunky dudes. After existing in various iterations over the years, Playgirl relaunched on Monday, and though nudity is still definitely part of the program, the magazine is going in a new direction.

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Case in point: their first cover star is a heavily pregnant Chloë Sevigny. The actress is stunning in the tasteful photoshoot, taken shortly before giving birth to her son Vanja in May.

Playgirl’s publisher Jack Lindley Kuhns told Interview magazine that the mission of the relaunch is to be “inclusive.” He explained:

“I think it gives people an opportunity to step back and think about what Playgirl really means. Does it mean naked men? Does it mean feminism? Does it mean porn? There’s a lot of different ways that people can interpret Playgirl, and I’ve known this because people have laughed in my face when I’ve told them what I do, and [other] people have said, ‘Wow, that’s really cool what you’re doing.’ So yeah, nudity will always be a part of Playgirl. It’s just about doing it the right way.”

In addition to the nudes, the publisher expressed a desire to highlight fashion and politics, hopefully attracting thought leaders like Michelle Obama. In the first issue, Sevigny’s tasteful nudes are supplemented by a conversation about her path to motherhood. She shared:

“It was just something that was supposed to happen, and in my early 40s, when it hadn’t, I was like, ‘I have to sort of actively try and make this happen’ … and then I struggled for a while.”

The 45-year-old first began dating her partner, gallerist Siniša Mačković, in 2018. Of getting pregnant, she said:

“We had a night out dancing and drinking and went home … and then it just happened, and it stuck, which I had had trouble with in the past. And I was like, ‘Wow, this one — he/she — wants to be here.'”

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The bright side to giving birth during a pandemic is having plenty of time to spend with your new little one while you’re locked down together. But like many new mothers, the Boys Don’t Cry star will have to balance her career in Hollywood with family life. Sensibly, she predicted:

“I’m going to have to work, but I think I’ll just have to pick and choose what that is, and hopefully it won’t be that far from home.”

The photos are incredible, and they’re definitely an exciting taste of Playgirl’s new direction. Color us intrigued by this new version of the classic mag!

What do YOU think of the new Playgirl??

[Image via WENN/Instar]

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