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Chloe Veitch & Mitchell Eason Reveal Details About Their Relationship After The Circle -- WATCH!

Chloe Veitch & Mitchell Eason Reveal Details About Their Relationship After The Circle -- WATCH!


It appears there may be a romance brewing between Chloe Veitch and Mitchell Eason following the season 2 finale of The Circle!

As fans may have seen, the 22-year-old reality star originally formed a bond with fellow competitor Trevor, who later turned out to be a catfish created by DeLeesa St. Agathe. However, Chloe apparently had not been knocked down by the revelation for too long as she seemingly moved onto Mitchell, who she had been flirty with throughout the season.

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Following the finale, fans soon could not help but wonder whether the pair were dating or not. Ch-ch-check out some of the thoughts (below):

Well, the Instagram model recently revealed to Bustle that they not only shared an unaired kiss but also have talked about starting up a long-distance relationship. She explained:

“We are talking like every other day; we do FaceTime, phone calls, [and] I’m actually going out to America to see him next month.”

While she has no idea how things will turn out, Chloe told the outlet how she cannot wait to see the Florida native again and even has his mother’s “approval” before adding:

“Everything happens for a reason. He says that he’s going to wait for me to get there, and we can start a little journey together. When I see him, I’m sure he’ll give me a big cuddle.”

In terms of Trevor, the Too Hot To Handle alum has no hard feelings towards winner DeLeesa despite feeling “hurt” after discovering it was all a fake persona:

“She well deserved it, she played such a hard game. She came in as her husband, she was doing it for her baby girl, and watching it back actually reduced me to tears. If it was anyone else, I’d be a bit bummed about not winning, but I feel like DeLeesa, she really deserved to win. If it weren’t me, then it definitely should have been her.”

At least you potentially found love in the end — granted the $100,000 prize might have been better! LOLz!

While Chloe seems optimistic about their future, Mitchell recently has made it clear that they are not an official couple at the moment. On Wednesday, the health insurance agent released a YouTube video answering followers burning questions about the hit series. In it, he said:

“Are me and Chloe dating? Let’s start there. No. Officially, long story short, we are not dating. But, me and Chloe have such a great relationship right now. We had the start of something, getting flirty, on the show, and I think she’s an absolutely beautiful girl inside and out, from head to toe.”

But Mitchell also confessed how he “loved Chloe to death,” and they were “still talking almost every day” with some “fun flirting” in the mix. Even more so, the TV personality claimed they are also “still friends.”  Take a look at the full Q&A clip (below):


Of course, things are a tad tricky right now due to the pandemic and distance between them. On the bright side, though, it seems like they are on the same page and willing to try. We will have to wait and see how their fling will pan out! What are your reactions to Chloe and Mitchell potentially getting together following The Circle? Do U think it will become anything serious? Let us know in the comments (below).

[Image via Chloe Veitch/Instagram & Mitchell Eason/Instagram]

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