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Chris Harrison Tells Troll To 'Suck It' In Spicy Instagram Comment! Whoa!

Chris Harrison telling a 'Bachelor' troll to suck it is among our favorite things ever!

Everybody stop f**king with Chris Harrison and the rest of his Bachelor Nation stars, OK?

The longtime host of the hit reality TV empire has evidently had it up to his eyeballs in unimaginative and whiny Instagram trolls, and so he’s doing something about it: he’s fighting back, one spicy social media comment at a time. And hopefully, it’s working!

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The longtime on-air personality and benevolent TV host had it on Friday, after he posted a picture to his very own IG account showing himself, this year’s current leading man Matt James, and a former contestant on the show, Ashley Iaconetti.

As you can see (below), the picture itself was innocent enough, showing the now-famous podcast host Iaconetti alongside these two men who will loom very large in this season’s new episodes of The Bachelor:

Seems innocent, sweet, and normal enough, doesn’t it?!

Apparently not, however!!

Despite Iaconetti’s well-known place in Bachelor Nation and her marriage to fellow Bachelor Nation alum Jared Haibon, an IG troll decided they couldn’t resist poking at Ashley for no apparent reason!

Snarking about the woman’s popular podcast that she co-hosts with Ben Higgins (himself another former Bachelor!), the commenter, whose name was Nicki, trolled (below):

“Poor thing so desperately needs to stay relevant, her podcast is obviously not enough.”

WTF?! What’s even the point of going that quickly to a negative thought? Like, take a deep breath and don’t comment ever if that’s your first inclination. Yikes!!!

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Ashley herself took the first crack at swiping back, sarcastically joking about how it couldn’t possibly be that producers specifically invited her back on the show to make an appearance:

“yeah I begged the producers to have me on!! They didn’t invite me or anything.”


But it was Chris was the one who REALLY went in on the commenter, adding (below):

“hey Nicki suck it! We specifically asked my friend to be on the show and she was gracious enough to quarantine and join us! Go troll elsewhere por favor.”

Wow! We’re telling you… this guy has been around for so long, he’s had it up to here with these crazy people! Ha!

What do U make of the popular show host pulling down the mask a little bit here, Perezcious readers?! He’s usually always so composed and together and unflappable. Guess Chris has his boiling point too, just like all the rest of us!

Sound OFF about all this with your reaction, down in the comments (below)!

[Image via Chris Harrison/Instagram]

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