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Chris Pratt Joins Rob McElhenney For HUGE Birthday Gift To Ryan Reynolds!

Chris Pratt Helps Rob McElhenney Ryan Reynolds Birthday Present

Awww! Another amazing birthday present between these two besties!

Last time Ryan Reynolds created a viral, star-studded music video teaching everyone how to pronounce Rob McElhenney‘s last name. How did Mack give back?

For RyRey’s 47th — Happy Birthday, BTW!!! — the It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia star brought in one star: Chris Pratt. But the gift is, well, something really special. He bought him a whole park!

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The vid, posted on Monday, serves as an announcement for breaking ground on the Ryan Rodney Reynolds Memorial Park! Their company is buying the Wrexham Hippodrome and turning into a peaceful oasis dedicated to the Deadpool star! So cute!

Why Chris? The project is called Parks and Wrex! See the vid to get the full scope of the present — and some hilarity, of course (below)!

[Image via Maximum Effort/YouTube.]

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Oct 24, 2023 07:14am PDT

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