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Billie Eilish Realized She Was Getting WAY Out Of Touch -- When All Her 'Friends' Were Her Employees!

Billie Eilish Realized She Was Getting WAY Out Of Touch -- When All Her 'Friends' Were Her Employees!

Oof. Champagne problems are thought of as inconsequential… but enough champagne can be toxic!

In a super candid new Rolling Stone cover story out on Wednesday, Billie Eilish revealed she has struggled to make friends while famous — and that she realized this had become a serious problem on her 20th birthday. Seriously, this is actually really sad!

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She told the outlet she had an “existential crisis” at her birthday party back then when she took a good look around at all her guests. She explained:

“I looked around the room and every single person was an employee of mine. I was like, ‘Oh, s**t, I literally don’t have friends. I don’t have people that see me as an equal. I don’t have people that aren’t afraid of me.'”

Yeesh. And to realize that on her b-day? What a downer!

The now-22-year-old had a lot of reasons to isolate herself at the time — and still does — as being in the spotlight comes with some real and dangerous downsides, like the stalker who once snuck onto her property several times! Seemingly addressing this, she noted:

“I had really scary things happen in my personal life and my safety was compromised a couple of times, and that’s a big part of my life. That is something I just have to live with. But I don’t know, it really made me resentful of my life, when you can’t even be in your own house.”

We can’t fault her there. Having a stalker would be freaky AF! Anyone would naturally keep their inner circle small amid those kinds of threats.

But there was more to this isolation than just her physical safety. The musician also got used to her mysterious persona and felt people wouldn’t like her or think she was “really cool” if they truly got to know her. She dished:

“I’m afraid. For a f**king good reason. I’m afraid of people, I’m afraid of the world. It’s just scary for somebody like me, and even if it’s not scary, it means being on and being vulnerable and being seen and being filmed and whatever.”

The Ocean Eyes artist continued:

“But with that all in mind, I have been choosing to do the thing that scares me more. I am biting the bullet and existing in the world for once.”

And this change happened soon after that rough birthday! At the time, Zoë Kravitz had been trying to hang out with the Grammy winner. But Billie kept bailing on plans to hang. Thankfully, The Batman star called Billie out on her flaky behavior, the songwriter recalled:

“I remember her being like, ‘Why won’t you hang out with me?’ And I was like, ‘Because when you get to know me, you’re going to know me, and that’s so terrifying to me, because then I’m not just, like, this person you think is cool. And what if you don’t like me?'”

As mentioned, she was still “obsessed with the idea of being an anomaly” and remaining this “Billie Eilish character.” Besides, maybe Zoë is a teensy bit intimidating…

But Billie has since gotten used to the idea of shedding that fake mysterious persona:

“Anyway, I have since thrown away that idea, and been hanging out with people. If they get to know me, that’s OK. That’s good.”

Wow! That’s a major improvement! And by the way, she never had any reason to worry about people not liking the real her because the actress gushed:

“We’re both Sags [Sagittarius], so I totally understand the flightiness because I can be kind of similar. I think I probably just told her to shut up and get over it. And we’ve been really good friends ever since. It’s actually the opposite of what she said: The more I get to know her, she gets better and better.”

Aw! So sweet!

Billie is far from the first megastar to grow isolated as her status in the industry rose — but at least she realized it and fixed the problem before it was too late! Many never have that kind of self-awareness and surround themselves with sycophants for decades… and that’s how you get yourself a Kanye West.

From the sounds of it, Billie seems to be living her best life these days! Hopefully that includes some new friends, too!

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