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Chrishell Stause SLAMMED For Mid-Pandemic Cross-Country Christmas Trip With BF Keo Motsepe!

Chrishell Stause reacts to fans calling her out for traveling at Christmas with Keo Motsepe amid the pandemic!

Chrishell Stause is hearing it from some fans on Instagram after taking boyfriend and Dancing With The Stars pro Keo Motsepe home for Christmas.

Home, in this case, meant that the reality TV star and her man traveled from Los Angeles all the way to St. Louis, where two of Chrishell’s sisters and their families were living. But that also meant some serious exposure to the coronavirus pandemic — not to mention the risk that they may spread it around, which is exactly what we’re trying to avoid right now!

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The IG post that came under attack popped up innocently enough in the beginning.

Chrishell posted a series of cute pics showing herself and the hunky pro dancer in matching pajamas along with the rest of her family, as you can see (below):


While it was nice to see that Keo “fit right in” with the fam upon meeting everybody for the holiday, it’s the mid-pandemic cross-country travel that really didn’t go over so well for the reality TV star and real estate agent.

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Commenters quickly chimed in, with some writing messages such as these, both in support and calling her out for being selfish with her travel (below):

“Excellent use of your ‘platform’. While we all stay home and haven’t seen our families for a year you choose to post this incredibly insensitive bulls**t. Literally 2000 people a day are dying and you can’t pull your head out of your a** far enough to see how terrible and wreck less this is.”

“Live your happy life, Chrishell! You deserve it!”

“We had 18 at our family Christmas. It was our choice to be together. A couple people in our family test regular as they are in on going college Athletic programs. The ones who did not feel comfortable did not come and that’s their choice it’s a free America thank God and our choice to be together or not.”

“Group photo: Please let us know who tests positive first!”

“You owe no one an explanation, yet you did say you all tested before and after, as well as the importance of this year’s xmas for you family. Obviously these opinionated jerks didn’t read your caption, they just saw the picture. F*** them!”


It was enough that Chrishell quickly returned to the post herself, and added an edited and update caption reflecting the seriousness of the pandemic and why she chose to travel in the first place.

She wrote:

“To those bringing up Covid concerns, I understand and agree this was not a good use of my platform. I normally always try to be socially responsible with my posts because I am naturally a compassionate person. I can see how this does not show that to some. I understand you won’t agree, but at least so you can see where I am coming from- This is my immediate family and we all are able to test before and after. This is the first Christmas without our mom we felt important to be there for each other in a tough year. Keo brought such welcomed happiness and selfishly I posted in a very happy moment. Please be safe and I am sending all my love to my supporters & critics. I hear all of you and can appreciate feedback from both sides.”

Sooo… she’s at least admitting what she did was selfish, then, is that right?! Sorry, but there’s no two ways around it — if you traveled a long distance to go to a large family gathering this Christmas, in light of what’s been going on with COVID-19, you are selfish and inconsiderate of others! PERIOD!!!

And she can “appreciate feedback” all she wants, but that doesn’t change the fact that she’s not doing her part to get the world through this pandemic.


What do U think, Perezcious readers? Are Chrishell’s excuses here justified, or nah??

Sound OFF down below with your opinion on the matter…

[Image via Chrishell Stause/Instagram]

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