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Coco Austin Getting Heat For Letting 8-Year-Old Daughter Play Beer Pong!

Coco Austin stirred up some controversy once again, this time for sharing a video of her 8-year-old daughter playing beer pong!

In a recent video posted on Instagram earlier this month, Chanel could be seen tossing ping-pong balls across a granite countertop into several red solo cups on the other side. She made all four of her shots in a row — shocking Coco, her sister Kristy Williams, and her childhood friend Sayward White! The 44-year-old proud momma couldn’t believe her daughter’s “hidden talent,” exclaiming from behind the camera:

“How is this possible? I can’t even get one. No one can beat you in a drinking game, OK? No one! They will lose! They will lose!”

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Chanel, who cannot stop smiling throughout the video, then reminds Coco that she needs to “take a shot now” since rules are rules, you know. Check the video out (below): 

As you can imagine, the video caused quite the commotion in the comments section! Several followers praised the young girl’s skills, with some even joking that she is ready for when she goes to college. Other social media users, however, weren’t as impressed. In fact, they were mortified Coco would let Chanel take part in an adult drinking game. See the reactions (below):

“If normal everyday parents were to do this with their children and post it to their social media account you can bet social services would be there in a hot second to take their children away from the parents!!!”

“Really you taught her how to play beer bong? Something is wrong with all the adults in this video”

“This is a prime example of what adults shouldn’t do. You keep kids in a kid’s place in adults in adult places. I need you two to grow up… And raise her right because this ain’t it?”

“Ok, this is weird. Why u teaching ur 7 yr old how to play beer pong?”

“Gotta love parenting today…… Like how about we advertise how much alcohol we consume with all the bottles in the background nothing to be proud of as a parent sorry…”


Coco and her husband, Ice-T, have not reacted to the backlash yet. But she is used to getting a ton of heat for her parenting decisions, so she may choose to ignore the haters at this point. What are YOUR thoughts on the video? Let us know in the comments below.

[Image via Coco Austin/Instagram]

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