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Cody Simpson Responds To Miley Cyrus Pregnancy Rumors

cody simpson comments on baby news with miley cyrus

Shutting down the speculation!

While appearing on the Australian morning show Today, Cody Simpson addressed rumors that he and girlfriend Miley Cyrus were expecting a little one together. Spoiler alert: they are NOT!

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He quipped:

“Oh yeah, I’ve been pregnant for years apparently.”

The 23-year-old revealed he doesn’t actually pay much attention to gossip or rumors about him, and chooses to focus on himself instead:

“You’ve just gotta take it in stride. What I try to do is just focus on my work and what’s important to me, and for me that’s my work and my music. The rest just kind of comes along with it. It’s all part of it. You just have to take it in stride and be cool with it.”

But just because Simpson isn’t too keen on listening to the rumors, doesn’t mean his GF doesn’t like to shake things up on her own. Recently, the Wrecking Ball crooner revealed her NSFW hack to help her man stay motivated. Commenting on a candid pic of the On My Mind singer in the studio, she wrote on Instagram:

“Where’s the screen shot of me flashing my boobies while u record. Tip: smiling when you sing helps the pitch by brightening the sound! You’re welcome for all the above!”

Hey, whatever works!

Apparently, Miley’s cheeky tactics have been working! Simpson explained to the daytime hosts that he has new music on the way:

“Poetry’s always been an integral part of, like, my creative fabric, so I just wanted to do a book alongside the music because I feel, musically where I’m headed, the lyrics are poetic and the whole thing kind of comes hand-and-hand to me as like an art form.”

His acoustic rock album Free was released in 2015, so we’re definitely interested to hear what he has up his sleeves next! Maybe even a collab with Cyrus could be coming down the pipeline?

Aside from music and Miley, one of Cody’s other passions is writing. His new poetry book, Prince Neptune, is set to release in April. He added:

“I’ve always been a writer. I’ve always been a writer of poetry and lyrics and all that stuff. And I started working on this poetry book four or five years ago and ended up with a collection that I felt like I wanted to bind and publish.”

Ch-ch-check out more from Cody (below):

[Image via Cody Simpson/Instagram.]

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