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Debate RAGES After Comic Arj Barker Kicks Out Breastfeeding Mom Whose Baby Made Too Much Noise!

Debate RAGES After Comic Arj Barker Kicks Out Breastfeeding Mom Whose Baby Made Too Much Noise!

Arj Barker is in the hot seat after kicking a breastfeeding mom out of his recent comedy show.

Over the weekend, the stand-up comedian’s set at the Athenaeum in Melbourne, Australia was interrupted when the coos of on 8-month-old baby could be heard throughout the theater. The comic’s recourse? Asking the breastfeeding mom to leave! He explained what happened from his perspective in an Instagram post on Monday:

“I had just started my show last Sat night in Melbourne. The Atheneum [sic] was pretty full and everyone seemed in a great mood. Then I heard a baby — not crying but ‘talking’ as they do — a few rows from the stage. I made a few jokes about the baby not disrupting my show, and they were well received, then moved on. A few minutes later the baby called out again. Now I was quite concerned. In my experience of doing comedy for nearly 35 years, an audience’s focus is a delicate thing. If a noise or movement distracts people mid joke, the payoff can be greatly diminished.”

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He declared he had to then make the “difficult decision” to ask her to leave:

“I then calmly informed the woman holding the baby that the baby couldn’t stay. I felt bad doing so and stated this time as well as several throughout the remainder of the show. As she was leaving, I offered for her to get a refund, as a gesture of good will. I want to be very clear that this was a very tough call which I made on behalf of the other 700 or so audience members who deserved to see they show they had paid for, uninterrupted.”

The comic also noted the event was strictly labeled as being for audiences ages 15+ on the ticket purchase website, and that the woman’s breastfeeding had nothing to do with his decision as “it’s perfectly natural.” See his lengthy statement in full (below):

In response, the mother, since identified as Trish Faranda, spoke about the event on Aussie TV show A Current Affair. She said her infant Clara was merely “babbling,” and that she quieted down after being fed. As for being kicked out, she said it was totally embarrassing and that Arj handled it all wrong:

“Had he just nicely said, off the mic, ‘Do you mind leaving?’ I would’ve been gone and it wouldn’t have been an issue. It was embarrassing, you know. People were yelling out. It’s not fun to walk out like that and I don’t think I deserved to walk out like that.”

We can definitely see where both parties are coming from here… It must feel awful to lose out on the comedy show you’re enjoying, not to mention mortifying to be asked to leave! On the other hand, the momma had likely gotten accustomed to her baby’s noises. So for the hundreds of other audience members it was probably more of a distraction than she realizes! As Barker pointed out, he had to think of everyone here!

If you think it’s a tough call, just imagine the back-and-forth online! On social media, it’s become the subject of spirited debate the past couple days. See some takes (below):

Some users even pointed out how Arj’s POV was proved even further in Trish’s interview… When the news station asked her to pass off little Clara to her father!

Ha! However, some fans called him out, even in his post’s comments:

“Forever lost a fan in me. That’s not on and the apology/not apology is the real joke here. Let’s not forget this is Australia where it’s okay and normal to take your kids and babies to pubs. I’ve taken my babies to comedy shows in the opera house many times and never been judged or asked to leave.”

“Babies belong in public, mothers belong in public, and people who cannot tolerate a tad bit of baby sounds need to get a grip. Babies are pure joy. You could have handled the situation with the grace and humility of a grown man and instead encouraged your audience to heckle this woman-honestly this is peak mediocre male behavior and such a great example of how little society values what matters the most.”

Yikes! Do you think Arj was right? Let us know down in the comments.

[Images via Just For Laughs & Warner Bros. Pictures/YouTube]

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