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The Howard Stern show regular Joey Boots came out of the closet as a gay man on Thursday’s broadcast.
His move was very brave and his discussion of the struggles he’s been through was very honest and heartfelt.
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From Marks Friggin:
Joey Boots’ Big Revelation… 06/28/07. 9:00am
Howard said that Joey Boots contacted them recently and said he had a big revelation to give them today. Everyone guessed earlier what it might be and most of the guys said that he might be gay or has AIDS. Joey came in and said that he’s banged chicks like Lisa Lampanelli and Leanna Heart so he’s not gay. He thanked them for bringing up the gay shit.
Howard thought Joey was cutting himself because he had scratches all over him. Joey said that’s from his cat Timmy. He went on to tell the guys that he’s going through some rehab type stuff and he’s trying to get off the drugs so one of the things he has to do is be honest with himself. He said that’s why he’s doing the revelation thing.
Joey said that he’s fallen off the wagon a few times since he went to rehab. He said he hasn’t done coke for a couple of months but he was drinking a few nights ago. Joey said that he’s going to reveal this thing he’s been hiding and he wants to get it off his chest.
Joey said that this stuff has gotten him depressed and made him think that he wanted to kill himself in the past. He hasn’t been thinking about it much lately but he has told some people about it. Howard told him to go ahead and tell them his revelation. Joey said that he really is gay. He said that he’s never given off a hint that he was gay and no one has ever questioned him about it. He said that he’s sat in his bed and cried thinking about it. He said that he hasn’t had gay sex in a few years but he has done it in the past.
Joey said that he was raped when he was a kid too. He said he never tricked for drugs like Robin was saying he had. Howard asked Artie for his thoughts on this. Artie said he can’t believe that he’s gay. Howard asked Joey if he’s ever beat off to him. Joey said that he’s not attracted to him. Joey said that he’s attracted to this intern Kevin who works up there. He’s also attracted to one of the guys who works on the staff there.
Gary said that Joey was afraid that Shuli was going to be upset with him about this stuff because he’s stayed in hotel rooms with him. Shuli said that he did think about that but he’s not upset about it. He said Joey has also seen his penis because they had a stripper grabbing their crotches one time out in Vegas.
Robin said that she didn’t think this was that big of a revelation. Irish John called in and said that Joey is full of shit and he’ll come out and say that he’s just bi-sexual and he’s just doing this for attention. Joey said that he’s like 80-20 with the gay thing. 80 percent gay. Joey said that Irish John is doing the same thing by calling in and calling him out on this. John said that Joey has a track record of doing this stuff and backpeddaling.
Dominic Barbara called in and said he had a revelation too… he over eats. Ha ha. Artie said that this was a little shocking today. Bob Levy called in and said that he’s with Joey no matter what happens. He also figured that when he banged Lisa Lampanelli, that’s when he was turned over to the gay side.
Joey said that he’s attracted to Greg Karmel and if he was willing, he’d make out with him on the air. Greg came in a short time later and said he didn’t want to make out, and this was very weird. Joey said that he’s not attracted to Sal or Richard but he thinks that Richard might be kind of gay or bi-sexual.
Melrose Larry Green called in and said that he’s not surprised by this at all. He said that Joey always talked about working in a men’s bathroom as an attendant and he’d have to be gay to do that. Howard took a call from the guys in the back playing clips of Iron Sheik calling him a faggot.
Boots said that he just came out to his family the other day. He said that he’s not going to be hopping on a float or anything like that. He said he’s much happier now that he’s come out and he’s glad that he can tell everyone that he’s gay. He said he hasn’t done anything for a while now and hasn’t sucked a cock in 3 years or so. Joey said that he was hoping that it would just go away but it hasn’t so he can’t keep fighting those feelings. He said he just has to live his life and not worry about it and torture himself over it.
Howard said that this is what society has done to people, they’re afraid to come out because of the way some people might treat them. Howard asked him if he ever tried to get himself ”fixed” by the churches or anything. Joey said he never did that.
Joey said that he’s into making out and giving head and he’s tried it all when Artie asked him about it. Artie asked him how many women he’s been with. Joey said he was with about 100 broads. He said he was still attracted to guys though. He said that he’s only done it with about 6 guys. he said that he’s fooled around with maybe 15 or 20 guys total.
Joey said that he stopped doing the gay shit when he got on TV and started to get a little fame. Howard told Joey he’s glad he came out because it might make him happier and he might start losing some weight. Joey said that he was getting envious of people who would come out on the show and now he’s glad that he’s done it.
Kevin the Intern called in and said that he’s not attracted to Boots. He sounded very surprised that he was gay. Joey said that he’s actually ”tugged it” to pictures of Kevin that he took. Howard took a few more phone calls for Joey and some guys were telling him that they’re proud of him for finally coming out. He had Wood Yee audio clips talking to him asking him gay stuff.
Boots said that he had a job one time where he was a gay phone sex operator. he said he got ten bucks an hour to do that and had all kinds of freaks on the phones. Boots said he can’t just have anonymous sex with guys though so he wasn’t just going out to rest stops and doing stuff. Yucko the Clown called in and said that Boots is so big that he can’t even fit into the closet he came out of.
Howard said he heard that Yucko shared a bed with Joey out in Vegas. Yucko denied it but Joey said he shared it with him for two nights. Joey was also saying that he thinks that High Pitch Mike is in the closet. He said his gaydar went off on him and Richard. Howard asked the guys to get High Pitch Mike in there but Gary said he doesn’t think he’s there. He also said that his friend was at work and wasn’t really listening to the show but then saw the PDT headline that said ”Joey Boots is Gay” so he had to tune in.
Howard asked boots if he’s ever swallowed a load. Boots said he doesn’t really do that, he usually just gets a blow job from another dude. He said he’s hardly ever even given another guy head. Mariann from Brooklyn called in and tried to tell him that she’s happy for him but Boots told her that her voice is just annoying. He said he does have a lot of anger pent up and he hopes that it goes away.
Howard asked Boots who he was fantasizing about when he was 10 years old. Boots said that he and a neighbor used to fool around and the other kid would blow him. He said he was 10 or 12 years old but he went into denial after that. Boots said that he’s jerked off to chicks too though. He said that he likes Taylor Hanson from Hanson. He said that he’s so damn pretty and he’d love to do him. He said that Tobey Maguire is another one he likes. He said when he told Toby that a lot of gay men jerk off to his image, he was talking about himself.
Howard asked Joey an F, Marry, Kill game which included Fred, Artie and Gary. Boots said he’d have to kill Fred because of his uncircumcised cock. He had to think and came up with Fuck Gary and Marry Artie. He thinks that Artie would be a better provider. Howard asked him Benjy, Jason or JD. Boots said he’d Fuck JD, Marry Jason and Kill Benjy.
Howard said that he had a $500 prize to give him courtesy of the Man Groomer. Boots said that if anyone out there is interested in him, they can send their pictures to him at [email protected]. As he was talking about that Sal came running in naked and attacked him. Joey was yelling at him to stop for a few seconds before Sal actually stopped. Boots said that he’s been working lately and he got in a plug for the company he’s working for,
Howard asked Boots if he’s attracted to Shuli. Boots said he’s not attracted to him but he likes him as a person. He said the same about Scott Ferrall. Ralph called back in and said that they should do a dial-a-date with Joey. Howard said they might have to do that. Ralph was also saying he thinks that Boots is Bi, not gay. Boots said that he’s always thinking about guys and dreaming about guys so that’s why he thinks he’s gay.
Boots said that he’s been hitting on Tracy the office manager there and he thinks she likes him. Tracy came in a short time later and said that she’s really not into him like that. She said she is kind of flirty with him but that’s it.
Dominic Barbara called in and asked what you do if you have a friend that you like being with. He wondered if a guy could love a man and not be with him. Everyone said that’s possible, you can love a man and not be gay. Dominic wondered what was so terrible about what Joey was coming out with. Everyone said there was nothing wrong with it, they were proud of Joey. Howard had to hang up on Dominic after he told one too many dumb jokes.
Artie asked Joey about the drug thing and if he told his therapist about it. Joey said that he’s going to go to therapy. Artie thinks that he should go to therapy and get some one on one help. Howard asked him how he can tell the guy to do something like that if he won’t go to therapy on his own. Artie said that he’s going to see Dr. Keith Ablow so he is seeing someone. Artie gave Joey his phone number just in case he wants to call him. Howard wrapped up after that and said he had to take a break.
boots said that he’d love to go to the theater with Robin sometime. Robin said that would be fun and seemed to be into it. Boots said that he’s been faking it all these years and he’s glad that he’s finally able to do these things. Howard went to break a short time later.

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Jun 28, 2007 18:37pm PDT

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