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From a Las Vegas Brawl to their mommy’s mood swings,
all the details on the boys’ life with Brit

On July 30, Kev and Britney finalized their divorce and extended their 50-50 custody agreement. (Life & Style has learned that the last settlement point was the $12 million sale of the ex-couple’s Malibu mansion, with the proceeds split between them.) But the custody issue is unresolved. Brit’s lawyer, Laura Wasser, says it “can be worked out down the line,” and insiders say Kevin, 29, wants sole custody.

Partying with friends at a home in Tarzana, Calif., hours after the settlement, he confided to one partygoer, “People are telling me I should take the kids away from her. I’m glad the world is finally giving me the benefit of the doubt that I’m actually a good father.”
Regardless of the outcome, even Britney’s family is concerned about the divorce’s effect on Sean and Jayden. “Brit needs to not talk bad about the kids’ daddy, especially around them,” Barry Bridges, the brother of Brit’s mom, Lynne, tells Life & Style.

While Brit’s public slipups make news, a second Britney insider says that being at home with the single mom, 25, is just as unstable for her kids. “It’s tragic what these boys are exposed to on a daily basis,” the insider says. “Kids thrive on routine and the feeling of safety, and Sean and Jayden have neither. Their lives are subject to Brit’s whims.”

And some of the dangers are severe. When Britney and Kevin were first married, she objected to his smoking around the kids, the insider notes, but now “she smokes like a chimney in front of them.” Even worse, when Brit misplaces her pack of cigarettes, “she’ll actually turn to Sean and say, ‘Baby, where are Mama’s lollipops?’ Sean runs, gets her cigarettes and brings them back to her.”

Brit’s also constantly handing off her kids to bodyguards, nannies, even strangers. “She has a short attention span, and that applies to caring for her kids,” says the insider. “Jayden is at a fussy stage, and when he starts crying, Brit hands the baby to a bodyguard to calm him down. When she needs a break, she gives her boys to the nearest person — even shopgirls at clothing stores!”

But Britney still won’t allow the one person who really wants to help care for the kids — her mom — anywhere near them. In fact, the insider says, when Sean asks for Grandma, the singer (who blames Lynne for making her go to rehab in February) “tells the boys, ‘she’s a bad lady,’” says the insider. “It’s so inappropriate to drag the boys into her family feud when they can’t understand what’s going on.”

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Jul 31, 2007 19:28pm PDT

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