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Extending A Small Olive Branch


Good news! There’s now some progress in the relations between Cuba and the U.S.A!

On Wednesday, President Bush announced that the US will allow Cuban Americans in the United States to send cellphones to their family members in Cuba.

It will now be up to the Cuban government to determine if it will allow its people to receive the phones.

Bush added that if they have the cellphones, they should also be allowed to “speak freely in public.”

Riiiight. This is a country where you can get arrested for speaking badly of Castro in public.

Let’s hope they change that!

Even though the U..S will now allow cellphones to be sent to Cuba (it should take effect several weeks from now) they are still stressing that the long-imposed embargo on trade with Cuba is still in effect.

Bush said, “If the Cuban regime is serious about improving the lives of the Cuban people,” it should take the steps to “make the changes meaningful.”

Though the best quote of the day goes to Bush’s writers, who had the Prez say that it is the “height of hypocrisy to claim credit” for allowing Cubans to have items “they can’t afford.”


If most Cubans are making just a FEW dollars a month, usually less than $15 USD a month, how can they even afford a cellphone, computer, or even a toaster?

Pay your people now!

Then we’ll believe Cuba is truly changing.

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May 21, 2008 15:30pm PDT

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