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Dad Accused Of Drugging Daughter's Friends Carefully Planned Sleepover -- Including Hot Tub & Shower Time?!

Dad Accused Of Drugging Daughter's Friends Completely Planned Sleepover -- Including Hot Tub & Shower Time?!

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

More details have emerged regarding the creepy sleepover Michael Meyden reportedly put on for his daughter and her friends.

As we reported on Tuesday morning, the 57-year-old Oregon man is facing nine felony and misdemeanor charges after allegedly drugging his 12-year-old daughter’s friends with crushed up benzodiazepine pills in the smoothies he made for them during an August sleepover. Thankfully, whatever he may have planned for them was thwarted when one of the girls didn’t drink her smoothie and was able to called a family friend to come pick her up — then her parents got all the other girls, too. But now, we’re hearing more about what all went down that night.

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According to an affidavit obtained by People on Tuesday, Michael was “very involved with [the girls’] activities during the sleepover.” How involved? Investigators who spoke with the pre-teens and their parents at the hospital the morning after the incident discovered he was “constantly checking in on them and interjecting himself into their conversations.” But it was more than that. It seems he pretty much planned the whole darn thing!

Apparently, he took them all to get their nails done and then stopped to pick up some pizzas on the way back to his Lake Oswego home. According to the affidavit, his wife’s primary language is Japanese, so he was the one who put together the “spa night” despite none of the girls being close with the Meyden family or ever being at their home before.

Then, when they got back, the young girls allegedly “played in the sprinklers, went in the hot tub, took showers and got ready for bed at Mr. Meyden’s direction.” He directed them to do all that?! To take showers? That is creepy… Like, did a friend’s parent even direct you to take a shower at their house?! Heck, did you ever even take showers at friend’s houses when you were there for just a night?

After that, we know the girls went down to the basement where they did facials and watched movies. Then, they were allegedly pressured by Michael to drink the mango smoothies he made for them. Remember, he allegedly gave them each “specific colored reusable straws to distinguish their own drink” and was “adamant that the girls drink out of their own cups.” One of the girls said made her feel “woozy, hot and clumsy” before she fell into a “thick, deep sleep.” That is beyond unsettling. Ugh!!

It was at that point the girl who didn’t drink her smoothie began texting her parents and a family friend asking them to pick her up. That was right as Michael allegedly kept coming downstairs to confirm that they were all asleep. That just sends the chills down our spine… Thank goodness that girl didn’t drink her smoothie.

Police have not revealed a motive behind the creepy night yet. But as we reported, Michael was charged with three counts each of the following charges: causing another to ingest a controlled substance, application of a scheduled-4 controlled substance to another, and delivery of a controlled substance to a minor. He pleaded not guilty and posted a $50,000 bail earlier this week, per The Oregonian. It makes us queasy just thinking about the situation as it was… and what might have happened. Awful.

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[Image via Clackamas County DA’s Office]

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