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Jenelle Evans Custody Fight -- Doesn't Want David Eason To Even VISIT Daughter Without Mental Health Test!

Jenelle Evans Custody David Eason

Jenelle Evans means business with her separation from now-estranged husband David Eason.

As we reported on Monday, the Teen Mom 2 alum filed papers late last month indicating it’s finally completely over with her controversial partner. However, he is also the father of their daughter Ensley. So he’ll still be in her life. However, Jenelle has Ensley’s interests at heart regarding how things may (or may not) move forward with co-parenting!

Per the US Sun, the 32-year-old momma has explicitly asked the court to force David to take a mental health assessment before he can even VISIT the 7-year-old! And Jenelle has a lot of other demands on child support and life after divorce, too!

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Jenelle’s separation docs spelled it out in no uncertain terms:

“It is in the best interest of the minor child that plaintiff [Evans] be granted primary physical custody of the minor child and that defendant’s [Eason’s] visitation and or custodial time be predicated on a mental health assessment to ensure his fitness and ability to care for the minor child.”

The MTV alum made the case she has been Ensley’s “primary caregiver” for all of the little girl’s life. As such, she contends she deserves full custody of the girl:

“The plaintiff has always been, and continues to be an engaged parent who devotes her time, energy, effort and resources to her family. At nearly all times, plaintiff has been responsible for the minor child’s daily needs and has been the only parent who researched, evaluated, selected and followed through with the minor child’s doctor’s treatment providers, extracurricular and enrichment activities.”

That certainly makes sense from Jenelle’s POV. She has receipts on specifics, too! In one passage in the docs, Jenelle expressed explicit disappointment in Eason for not showing up recently after Ensley needed both parents!! The little girl went to a doctor’s appointment to treat a sickness, and Jenelle was informed by medical experts the girl would likely need surgery! Oh no! And what did David do? NOTHING! So says Jenelle in the filing, at least:

“After the separation of the parties, defendant was aware that the minor child had a medical appointment with an ear, nose and throat doctor and that it would likely be that the minor child would need surgery. Defendant and made no inquiries as to the child’s well-being, treatment plan or status of the appointment.”

No inquiries?! None at all?? About his own daughter?! Dude, WTF?!

Jenelle also claimed she is the one who has always been “solely responsible for ensuring the minor child is dressed, fed, and ready for school.” In addition, she “almost always transported the minor child to and from school and her extracurricular activities.”

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As we noted in our prior report on Monday, Jenelle called out David’s alleged “history of erratic behavior” and “substance abuse” issues reportedly involving alcohol as mitigating factors in not wanting him to have custody. And now, as newly reported by the US Sun, she went on:

“[David’s] excessive alcohol use and his short temper create a negative environment for the minor child, and as a family, plaintiff feels as though they have to walk on eggshells around defendant, as his mood swings are unpredictable and vary in their intensity.”


And that’s not to mention the pending child abuse charges! Ultimately, Jenelle asked the court to put David through Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory testing in order to determine whether he is mentally fit enough to care for Ensley:

“[Request to] order defendant to submit to a psychological evaluation with MMPI testing at the cost of defendant so that this Court may properly determine defendant’s parental fitness.”

As we also reported on Monday, Jenelle’s separation docs called out David for his inability to hold a steady job in recent years. But he apparently has the skills to do so! And that’s why, should she gain full custody, the reality TV alum also wants David to get a job and pay up on child support!! In the docs, Jenelle argued:

“Defendant [Eason] is capable of providing child support for the minor child sufficient to meet her reasonable needs. … Despite defendant’s lengthy history of unstable employment, defendant has skills and trades which would allow him to earn an income sufficient to contribute to the support of minor child. Plaintiff is entitled to child support from defendant commensurate with the minor child’s needs and the style of living she’s accustomed to.”

Damn. Jenelle is really going all in — which we totally understand. A momma bear protecting her cub! First it was the saga around David and Jenelle’s teenage son Jace Evans, and now the focus has turned to Ensley. Reactions, Perezcious readers?! Share ’em in the comments (below)…

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[Image via Jenelle Evans/David Eason/Instagram.]

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