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Dax Shepard Admits He'll Control THIS Aspect Of His Daughters' Future Sex Lives!

Dax Shepard Declares House Is Off Limits For Daughters’ Future Sex Lives!

Dax Shepard is already laying down the rules… for his daughters’ future sex lives!

In a new episode of Armchair Expert out on Thursday, the Parenthood alum sat down with Wendy Mogel, a clinical psychologist who specializes in parenting, and, naturally, the actor didn’t shy away from sharing his thoughts on how he’s raising his little ones — including how he plans to deal with their eventual sex lives!

The NSFW topic came up when Wendy was sharing the importance of parents setting boundaries for their kids, especially when adult children move back home. A major trend since the pandemic!

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In particular, she urged parents to chat about the potential of *special guests* sleeping the night, noting that most adults won’t want to walk into their kitchen to see a complete stranger in their home the next morning. She explained:

“One place where you need to make boundaries and make rules is if they’re 30 and they’re living at home — instead of scorn, or even if they’re 25. To say, you know, if you’re gonna have somebody sleep over, ‘I don’t want to be going into the kitchen for coffee and there’s a stranger there in the morning. So we need to come to an agreement about house rules, right?'”

The podcast host understood where she was coming from — but didn’t think there was much of a discussion to be had. He chimed in:

“I’m not going to love seeing some 25-year-old dude in boxers in my kitchen.”

Dax shares daughters Lincoln, 10, and Delta, 8, with his wife Kristen Bell. And while the kiddos are a ways away from having intimate time with anyone, their father is already prepared to NEVER have an awkward run-in with a one-night stand.

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After Wendy told him he was “entitled” to those feelings, the 48-year-old clarified that he’s “very pro-sex” and doesn’t want to cramp his daughters’ lifestyles. That said, he won’t tolerate any funny business happening under his roof — AT ALL! But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want them exploring their sexuality, he elaborated:

“It’s not going to be for me. I’m very pro-sex; I hope they’re very happy and adventurous.”

LOLz! Wendy then wondered, “Where are they supposed to have it, Dax?” He replied:

“In their car like everyone else did, I guess.”

Hah! He’s gonna humble ’em real quick! Back in February, the Good Place alum and CHiPs director revealed they are always 100% honest with their offspring — even about “taboo” subjects. Kristen dished to Real Simple:

“I hate the word ‘taboo.’ I think it should be stricken from the dictionary. There should be no topic that’s off the table for people to talk about. I know it’s shocking, but I talk to my kids about drugs, and the fact that their daddy is an addict, and he’s in recovery, and we talk about sex.”

She continued:

“There are all these ‘hard topics’ that don’t have to be if you give the person on the other end your vulnerability and a little bit of credit.”

During a chat with Gwyneth Paltrow on a previous episode of his podcast, Dax also broke down the genius way his wife tells their girls about sex, noting:

“I’ll tell you one thing that my wife does that’s ingenious, when she describes sex to our children she says, ‘And then the woman takes the man’s penis and puts it in her vagina.’ So right away it’s, you’re in charge of this, you will decide to put this in your vagina, not the man puts his penis in your vagina.”

So progressive! We love it! Though, of course, their bold parenting style has a tendency to get them in trouble from time to time with the internet, but they clearly DGAF! If it works for their family, that’s all that matters! Thoughts on the no sex at home rule?! Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via Dax Shepard/Instagram]

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