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Delphi Murder Suspect Helped Family With Funeral Photos!

Delphi Murder Suspect HELPED Family With Funeral!

If you’ve been keeping up with the ongoing investigation in the Delphi Murders, you’ll know that it’s been a rollercoaster over the last five years. And now that a suspect has been arrested, that hasn’t stopped…

14-year-old LibertyLibbyGerman and 13-year-old AbigailAbbyWilliams were found dead after being dropped off at the Delphi Historic Trails in Delphi, Indiana on February 13, 2017. Authorities looked at several men in their search for the killer, largely based on evidence from Libby’s phone — as she was able to snap a blurry pic of a man coming toward them. In December of last year it seemed like the case was finally going to break…

Indiana State Police discovering a correspondence between a social media account called anthony_shots and the two young victims, later to discover it was run by Kegan Kline, who catfished underage girls, using photos of a male model to solicit nude images and videos. Kline is currently in prison on 30 counts of child exploitation, possession of child pornography, and child solicitation for sexual intercourse. While he was a prime suspect, he denied ever meeting up with Libby and Abby.

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However, in a shocking twist revealed Monday by Indiana State Police Superintendent Doug Carter, a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT man was taken into custody last Wednesday — and was charged with the murders of Libby and Abby last Friday. That man is none other than Delphi resident Richard Allen.

As we previously reported, this was a complete shock for Libby’s grandmother, Becky Patty, who told ABC News Monday: 

“It’s a small community. For it to be one of us, it’s hard.”

Not much information was available at the time, as Carroll County Prosecutor Nicholas McLeland explained: 

“Per the court order, we cannot talk about the evidence that’s in the probable cause.”

While information is still slim, there is some new news regarding just how close the young girls’ alleged murderer was to the case.

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Apparently, Allen worked for the local CVS at the time of Libby and Abby’s deaths, and when Libby’s aunt, Tara German, went in to print some photos of her niece for the funeral, he himself helped her. She explained to CNN Monday: 

“I went into the store to print photos of Libby for the funeral, and he was the one who helped me. I was a mess trying to get the images off my phone. Once they were printed, he looked at me and said, ‘I’m not gonna charge you for this.’”

OMG… She looked him right in the eye. Apparently, German did not see a resemblance between police sketches of the suspected murderer at the time, and raised no suspicion. She was probably even grateful to this man for the help.

As of now, Allen is being held without bond at White County Jail, and is scheduled to appear for a hearing March 20. More information to come. Rest in peace, Libby and Abby. What are your thoughts on the revelation Allen actually played a role in helping with funeral arrangements? Let us know in the comments (below).

[Images via Indiana State Police, FBI, & WRTV Indianapolis/YouTube]

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