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Shooting At Dueling Counter-Protests In Denver; One Man Killed As Cameras Roll (Video)

Shooting in Denver at dueling counter-protests leaves one man dead

A man was shot and killed in Denver, Colorado on Saturday afternoon by a private Pinkerton Agency security guard amid dueling protests going on in the city between Black Lives Matter activists and right-wing counter-protesters.

It’s unclear exactly what started the altercation that led to the man’s shooting death, but there was video footage from the scene that at one point showed a group of right-wing protesters surrounding a BLM rally-goer. The BLM supporter began shouting at the men, and though there was no violence at that point, gunfire soon erupted thereafter.

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Please be warned, because as you can see in the video that captures part of the shooting itself (below), the whole thing is very graphic and not safe for work!!!

For those of you who wish to watch, be warned that the shooting is nearly fully captured by the person holding the camera in the viral tweet in question here:


According to multiple reports from eyewitnesses on the scene, the man who was eventually shot and killed encountered a security guard just off frame from the camera. The victim allegedly took a swing at the security guard, hitting him in the face before spraying him with some kind of mace. In return, the guard allegedly drew his weapon and shot the man who had reportedly been aggressive towards him.

As it was soon uncovered, the private Pinkerton security guard had been hired by a local news station to provide security for their journalists who were out and about in Denver that day covering the protests. Police immediately came on to the scene, and eventually took the security guard and the news producer he’d been hired to protect into custody. The man who was shot later died at a hospital.

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Very soon thereafter, NBC News reports that the Denver Police quickly released the news producer in question, after determining he was simply at the scene and had nothing to do with the crime. The security guard was still in custody at last we heard, but according to TMZ, no charges have yet been filed against him.

Later on Saturday, the Denver Police released their own series of statements about the incident, confirming the man was a private security guard and noting they are investigating the incident as a homicide, at least for the time being:

In a separate statement to the media made later, Denver Police Division Chief Joe Montoya said a “verbal altercation” preceded the shooting. He further indicated that cops found “two guns and a canister of mace” at the scene when they came to secure the situation and deal with the aftermath.

Montoya said more, too, in his conversation with the press, adding:

“We don’t want any erroneous information going out, any speculation, because that’s really what hurts us, and that’s what gets everybody angry and motivated to commit more violence, and that’s what we’re trying to prevent. We had two groups with opposing views, and we know that can always get very tense, and there’s always the potential for violence. Police kept the two groups from approaching each other during the rallies.”

Tough stuff up in the Mile High City…

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