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Kendall Jenner's BF Devin Booker Claps Back After Fans Accuse Him Of Wearing A Toupee!

Kendall Jenner's BF Devin Booker Claps Back After Fans Hilariously Accuse Him Of Wearing A Toupee!

Devin Booker is being done dirty on X (Twitter) right now… and he’s noticed all the shade!

The Phoenix Suns superstar took to Twitter on Monday to clap back at a new viral video showing a bald man getting fitted for a toupee. And while the tweet doesn’t specifically name Kendall Jenner‘s man as the person upon whom the video is focused, Book and everybody else knew what the post was referencing.

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So, on Sunday, a viral Twitter account posted a video of a bald man covering his face while having his messy hair cleaned up. Then, the barber carefully laid a thick toupee on top of the man’s head! The meme account made light of the fact that the anonymous man in the video clip looked like the NBA star, and then teased it in this caption:

“Video of alleged NBA superstar getting a haircut is going viral”

The video looked SO MUCH like Booker’s profile, hairstyle, and skin tone that users responded in droves with suspicions that Kenny’s partner was secretly rocking a toupee:

“Tell me this ain’t Devin Booker”

“Is that booker?”

“side profile kinda looks like Devin booker”

“I know my boy D.Booker when I see him”

“Not Book! Say it ain’t so!”

“Booker is looking sharp!”


And the heat got so hot that Book himself spoke up! And clearly, he couldn’t help but laugh! See his Monday afternoon response and the original video to which he was replying (below):

“Y’all got me messed up lol”

Ha!! To be fair, we can see why people say it could be Book based on the look of the man in that clip… even though we seriously doubt it’s actually him. Just a funny call-out. We wonder what Kenny thinks about this?! And also whether momager Kris Jenner is already considering a KarJenner toupee line to capitalize on it?? LOLz!! Reactions, y’all?!

[Image via Hulu/YouTube/JJ Redick/YouTube]

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