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Did Britney Spears Just Reveal Her Most Personal Song Lyrics EVER?!

Britney Spears New Song Lyrics Preview

Britney Spears just teased a new project, but what is it??

The pop star has been very busy lately preparing for the launch of her book, The Woman In Me, and releasing new music, such as her latest song Mind Your Business with Now, fans are trying to figure out what she’s preparing for next!

Early Friday morning, Britney shared a silent video to her IG page which included possible song lyrics that flashed on the screen a few lines at a time. And the words were deeply personal, seemingly referencing her time in the spotlight and under conservatorship!

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The post has already been deleted, but the words read:

In the middle or did you get ‘em?

The thieves are little, They serve like Skittles

The pain no walk, we say when you talk

The pain no walk, we say when you talk

My feet, Jesus tell me why

You know how I move when I’m alive

They took my feet demoralized

Emphasized by face, they wanted my mind

We want to see your face

We want to see your face

I want attention at my pace

And have a car, and leave this place

I never cried not one time

I worked 10 hours a day

4 months a slave

No days off and no you can’t play

Whoa. She went on:

“No door for a room and watched me change,

watched me shower

But each week I got flowers

from a grocery store

To show color adored to feel young again

and maybe more

Is this even legal?

Where’s a needle, is this a joke?

No days off

And my family knows so low

So low

So low

Could this be a song called So Low? Just wondering…

My family says so

Watched me bathe, sit down behave

We ask the questions

We’re here to save you

Save me from what?

Save me from what…

Edge of reason to feel alive,

Insanity steals most hearts

Most cry

I should have died I’m not gone line

How I made it, f**king surprise

Insanity reveals realest eyes

Born I wont even try

My feet look down I wanted to run,

Spirit out of body, the pain I was done in

Elevate elevate, it came out of body

It touch the ciling, it wasn’t a haunting

It was lain, looked up

God for sure

He knew I knew, so I flew

It didn’t feel normal, but what is normal

I say it again, what the f**k is normal

She continued:

They broke my face

Jesus, my right hand

If I could back in time

I’d find my right hand

I’d f**king kill ’em

Because I took a stand

Show them where I’m from

Do you think they’d smile again?

And so be comfortable with me and grin

I’m so kind, I’m so free

Think again my friends

Think again

I’d murder

Put a smile on my face

To save my grace I’d kill ’em

Where are you from ???

Where are you from ???

Things make you go


Is it in a name? Is it in my blood?

The illusion of money and fame is a flood

hahaha I will make sure I do the right think


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Check out the mysterious upload for yourself (below)!

In the caption, the artist made it crystal clear she was teasing a new project, but she didn’t reveal whether it was music, somehow related to her memoir, or something completely different. She wrote:

“A tease for a little project on the way !!!!!! Whose readyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !!! Had to do the yyyyyyyy because for some reason my sister [Jamie Lynn Spears] does that on her gram !!!!!! Love  y’all !!!”

Most fans believe these could be lyrics to a new song since she’s been dipping her toes back into the industry. That would be AH-Mazing! It’s been so long since the last time Britney dropped a bop, we would LOVE it!

Of course, others think the font — which is the same as her book promo — hints at this being connected to the tell-all.

What do U think, Perezcious Brit stans?!

[Image via Britney Spears/Instagram/YouTube.]

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