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Diplo Performs At Crowded Super Bowl Party Amid Ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic

Diplo Performs At A Crowded Super Bowl Party Amid The Ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic

Are you freaking serious, Diplo?!

On Saturday night, the DJ headlined a show at the Godfrey Waterfront Hotel’s WTR Tampa Pool for a jam-packed pre-Super Bowl party. The musician apparently forgot we are in the middle of a deadly pandemic, which we don’t know how he could have. It’s things like this that have us shaking our heads in disappointment.

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Before the event, the famed record producer shared a few photos to his Instagram, claiming he took every form of precaution ahead of time. (If that were true, you wouldn’t have participated at all, but we digress.) In one of the snapshots, he could be seen with a mask on, which he later had removed for his performance. He also included a photo of a sign that read:

“Masks are mandatory…please social distance and wear mask at all times.”

Okay, how does one social distance at a party? You DON’T, that is the answer. Also, we could probably bet most people at the shindig didn’t have a mask on at all. Furthermore, the 42-year-old songwriter showed a picture confirming he received two vaccinations for the virus. Though we don’t know how he got it, when most states are still only vaccinating healthcare workings and 65+ adults…

Just because you’re vaccinated, it doesn’t give you the freedom to host a party or do whatever you want. Let us repeat that for the people in the back now — just because you are vaccinated or sick of it DOES NOT mean you ignore COVID-19 safety precautions and go about your lives like there isn’t a global pandemic happening right now.

Anyway, according to TMZ, the event organizers also laid out some safety guidelines for everyone in attendance to follow, stating:

“Social distancing procedures will be strictly enforced, face masks will be required for all staff & guests, wellness and temperature checks will be mandatory for entrance, sanitizing stations will be placed throughout the venue, and continued cleaning protocols will provide regular sanitizing.”

While Diplo/venue may have took some precautions, it looked like the 2,000 attendees at the party didn’t follow any protocols, as photos and videos from the event showed peeps dancing and standing close to each other while the hitmaker performed. And they were maskless (told ya). Basically, if you picture some pre-pandemic vibes, that was pretty much what you saw from the concertgoers.

In a statement obtained by TMZ, the Tampa Police Department condemned the party that happened at the hotel, saying:

“Scenes from WTR last night and a few other clubs were incredibly disappointing. The city spent the better part of a year educating residents on precautions due to the pandemic and have recently put a mask order in place for both the entertainment and event zones to ensure the safety of our residents and visitors to our great city.”

To make matters even worse, Diplo reportedly played the song Heartless from Morgan Wallen at the super-spreader shindig, just days after the country crooner was cancelled and dropped from his record label because he shouted out a racial slur.

And it gets even MORE worse as the Tupelo native wasn’t the first entertainer to hop on the venue’s stage last night! A couple of hours earlier, the rapper 50 Cent also held his concert at the hotel to celebrate the upcoming sporting event.

SMH! Please, we beg of you just stay home! And Diplo/50 Cent/everyone else stop trying to justify you performing at or going to crowded places. We are sick of it and don’t even want to hear about it at this point. Do better.

Anyway, what do U think of the musician’s irresponsible goings on? Sound OFF in the comments (below)!

[Image via Diplo/Instagram & Johnny Dang & Co/Instagram]

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