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Morgan Wallen Caught Dropping The N-Word On Camera -- And Now He’s Being Dropped From Country Radio!

morgan wallen drops the n-word, gets dropped by country radio

UPDATE 11:52 A.M. PST: Morgan Wallen’s contract with his label, Big Loud Records, has been “suspended indefinitely.” Republic Records, the company that distributes the singer’s music, stood by this statement, sharing it “fully supports Big Loud’s decision and agrees such behavior will not be tolerated.”

Similarly, following Cumulus Media’s decision to cut the country musician from the radio, iHeartMedia, Entercom, and Beasley have also withdrawn all his records from their stations.

It is unclear what this suspension means for Morgan moving forward or how long the radio will hold off playing his music as this is a very uncommon (though important) move for the industry.


If anyone should know that karma (and a camera) will quickly come back around on your bad behavior, it’s Morgan Wallen.

After all, his last controversy saw him booted as the musical guest for Saturday Night Live when pictures emerged of him partying maskless the week before he was supposed to be on the show. You’d think he’d know better by now — or at least be a little more careful.

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Then again, he was invited back to SNL weeks later, so maybe he didn’t actually learn his lesson. This time, things seem to be going a bit differently.

The country star’s latest scandal was leaked by TMZ (check it out HERE). In a video recording taken by a neighbor, Morgan and pals can be seen rowdily returning to his Nashville-area home (the noisiness seems to be why the neighbor started filming in the first place). Morgan is then heard telling one friend to look after another in vulgar language that included the phrase, “take care of this p***y-ass n*****.”

Whether or not you believe drunk words are sober thoughts, it’s obvious a sauced-up Wallen is a little too comfortable dropping a racial slur into conversation. Especially considering he was outside his own house with no expectation that anyone was watching, it seems like the Dangerous singer is someone who uses one of the most hurtful words in the English language in casual conversation with his bros.

(And BTW, the whole public scandal could have been avoided if he wasn’t out partying drunk during a pandemic. That aspect of the situation will understandably be eclipsed by the racial slur, but it seems to us Morgan is such a thoughtless person he can’t even bother to avoid doing the dangerous, inconsiderate thing that got him in trouble in the first place.)

The 27-year-old released a predictable apology, telling TMZ:

“I’m embarrassed and sorry. I used an unacceptable and inappropriate racial slur that I wish I could take back. There are no excuses to use this type of language, ever. I want to sincerely apologize for using the word. I promise to do better.”

Sure. He also said he was going to do some “growing up” after the SNL scandal, and look where that got us.

Perhaps surprisingly, though, the consequences this time around are coming down hard and fast. Most significantly, Variety reported that Cumulus Media, the second largest radio chain in the US, has pulled all of Morgan’s songs from their stations. This is an especially big deal because his album Dangerous: The Double Album has seen unprecedented success with four consecutive weeks at #1. Variety also noted his songs appear to have been removed from Apple Music Country’s playlists as well as Spotify’s list of 50 top Hot Country tracks.

The country music community has also responded to the upsetting news. Kelsea Ballerini wrote on Twitter:

“The news out of Nashville tonight does not represent country music.”

But Maren Morris quickly countered on her own page:

“It actually IS representative of our town because this isn’t his first ‘scuffle’ and he just demolished a huge streaming record last month regardless. We all know it wasn’t his first time using that word. We keep them rich and protected at all costs with no recourse.”

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Meanwhile, Mickey Guyton, the rare Black star in country music, retweeted TMZ’s story with the comment, “The hate runs deep. Smfh.” She added:

“This is not his first time using that ‘unacceptable’ racial slur and we all known that. So what exactly are y’all going to do about it. Crickets won’t work this time.”

In a follow-up thread, Mickey addressed the larger culture of racism in country music. She wrote:

However, she also offered some grace for Morgan, tweeting:

Kind of her to say, but Morgan threw away his own good reputation by casually using a racial slur. We don’t see Morgan getting a SNL skit to rehabilitate this particular scandal. It seems like the country community is really trying to reckon with the racism within it, so we hope they continue to hold him accountable for his actions.

[Image via Judy Eddy/WENN]

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