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You get Ryan Reynolds to pose for the cover of a gay magazine and you don’t have him show some skin???


Then again, The Advocate tries to be more respectable than that.

But beefcake sells!

Ryan on…….

On homophobia:
“Anyone who is homophobic – they’re triggered on some level by something within themselves that they’re desperately afraid of.”

On his gaydar:
“…I have the worst gaydar of all time. Unless I see two men full-on Frenchkissing, I have no definitive answer one way or the other” […] “It’s the same thing where I won’t ask a woman if she’s pregnant unless the baby is crowning. Unless the baby is literally dangling by an umbilical cord while she’s on a hospital curney.”

On gossip blogs & the internet:
“It’s this hyperactive, fragmented shit-chat, and it’s everywhere. I don’t know who I’m quoting, but I know I’m quoting somebody: We’re entertaining ourselves to death. Is’s so easy to just king of click out, check out, and plug in.”

On celebrity:
“Hollywood is a place where if celebrities stumble or basically refuse to actually grow up, they’re certainly not punished for it. They’re actually celebrated for it” […] “And now the goal is to only see celebrities fucking up. That’s become the choice of a new generation…”

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Aug 10, 2007 10:44am PDT

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