Dita Von Teese Rescued By Some Hells Angels


How about that!

Last week, the lovely Dita Von Teese was en route to Wolfgang Puck’s new restaurant to celebrate Tilda Swinton’s new movie when her limo broke down. Her driver tried to get the car up and running again, but he just couldn’t find the problem.

Then, like a vision in the night, came a friendly, neighborhood motorcycle gang. To Dita’s surprise, the hog lovers hopped off their bikes and fixed her limo right up for her.

A source close to Dita says:

“Their car broke down on the way, and suddenly they were surrounded by bikers who all had ‘Hooligans’ written on their jackets. But the bikers pulled over, and they fixed Dita’s car so she could get to the party.”

Such service! See, there are still some nice people in the world!

We’re sure Dita was nothing but gracious to her knights on shining hogs!

[Image via WENN.]

Nov 15, 2011 5:00am PST

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