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Donald Trump

Multibillionaire Donald Trump's Fans Give Him $500,000 For Fraud Fines On GoFundMe!

Donald Trump

Donald Trump is a genius who’s accrued a massive amount of wealth through his shrewd business acumen and NOT anything illegal, right? That’s what his ardent supporters say they believe. So if he’s swimming in dough and can always just make more, why is it his followers — just regular folks, not billionaires or even millionaires — are sending him their hard-earned money??

In case you missed the crazy news, Trump’s fraud trial in NYC ended even worse than it began. After being found to ***definitely have legally committed fraud*** the former President was ordered to pay the state of New York the absolutely shocking sum of $355 MILLION. (That and he and his adult sons aren’t allowed to do business there for the next few years.) It’s a huge chunk of change, especially with interest — that puts it well over $400 mil. But hey, the NY Attorney General’s assessment said his net worth is about $2 billion. So he should just suck it up and pay the money back, right?

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Not as far as his supporters are concerned. One of them started a freakin’ GoFundMe for this a-hole. For real! They’re calling on the cult to pay this elite coastal billionaire’s legal bills!

The creator of the fundraiser identified herself as one Elena Cardone. Near as we can tell, she doesn’t work for Trump, she’s just a fan. She wrote:

“The recent legal battles he faces are not just an attack on him, but an attack on the very ideals of fairness and due process that every American deserves.”

He literally had exactly due process. It took forever. And a court of law found him guilty of fraud. This is the end result of his due process. Ugh.

The goal is the completely ludicrous amount of $355 mil. Obviously not going to happen. But the disturbing thing is, as of this writing, over $568,000 has been raised! From over 11,000 individual donations. Can you believe that?? These people are sending him money to cover HIS FRAUD??

Americans got pissy when Alyssa Milano tried to raise money for her son’s baseball team. Her net worth is $10 million. We’re not saying they were wrong to side-eye her request. But we don’t get how these same people can be so blind as to open their checking accounts to a guy who inherited tons of money, stiffed everyone who ever worked for him, and took money from children’s charity. Surely that must be more despicable than being a TV star. Oh, and besides, TRUMP IS ALSO A TV STAR!

Just to be clear, Alyssa Milano’s request was seen as out of touch and ridiculous because she has $10 mil. Trump has $2 BILLION. With a B. It’s tough sometimes to get a feel for the difference there. But think about it in terms of time. 10 million seconds? That’s about 4 months. Less than a single football season. 2 billion seconds? That’s 62 YEARS.

OK, so a guy with that much wealth needs everyone voting for him to send him a ton of their cash? That they worked for?? Come on, people, for real! There’s easy marks, and then there’s whatever this has become.

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Feb 19, 2024 18:40pm PDT