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Donald Trump Is Even Lying About His State Of The Union RATINGS!

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More like the False Statement of the Union…
Donald Trump stayed on brand during his big speech, which is to say he lied a LOT.
He lied about the size of his tax cuts and whom they would help, he lied about the visa lottery, he lied by saying the words “beautiful, clean coal” which — let’s be real — is not a thing.
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But now he’s even lying about the damn speech!
On Twitter early Thursday morning, he bragged:

The thing is though, he’s not even close!
The most watched in history was George W. Bush‘s 2002 SOTU — just months after 9/11 — with 51.7 million tuning in.
Bill Clinton‘s first was also watched by more with 46.8.
And heck, you don’t even have to go that far back — Barack Obama‘s first ALSO beat Trump, with 48 million watching.
Of course, that’s not a surprise, with Obama consistently besting Trump in every conceivable way…
Seriously, can you imagine lying about something so easily disprovable? You’d have to be a real moron or completely delusional. (And sadly THAT is the State of our Union.)
[Image via PBS.]

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Feb 01, 2018 14:36pm PDT