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OUCH! Malia Obama's Debut Movie Getting Ripped With Bad Reviews & Nepo Criticism!

Malia Obama's Debut Movie Getting Ripped With Bad Reviews & Nepo Criticism!

Oof! Malia Obama‘s start in Hollywood isn’t going so well!

Barack and Michelle Obama‘s eldest daughter just released her very first short film — but it’s now getting BLASTED with negative reviews and nepo baby hate! The 25-year-old clearly tried to get ahead of some of this mess by using the moniker Malia Ann as her new stage name. But when you grow up in the White House, you can’t just ditch your last name and expect everyone to forget who you really are! We mean, we’ve all seen her face a thousand times! If only it were that easy to disappear… Then again, you’d lose out on all that foot-in-the-door-and-so-much-more.

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The movie, which she wrote and directed, is called The Heart and follows a man grieving the loss of his mother. Get a look (below):

Notice how she didn’t even appear in the video? She’s really trying to keep a low profile — too bad it didn’t work!

After the short film premiered at the acclaimed Sundance Film Festival last month, it was immediately met with dozens of hash AF reviews on Letterboxd! And while many didn’t vibe with the flick in general, plenty were just as enraged that she got such a big opportunity — seemingly only because of her parents, arguing:

“Can you really be a true indie filmmaker if your dad was President?”

“you can have every resource at your disposal that a filmmaker needs to be successful but still lack creativity”

“a real stinker”

“issue here is honestly that this kid just doesn’t get to fail. Your first short film has a s**tload of money thrown at it Donald Glover producing and you walk into Sundance… […] It is so funny that basically the ambition of our political ruling class is actually just to make FX shows… like girl you could start your own kingdom in Illinois if you so chose.”

“Truly dreadful. Bad acting. Bad writing. Just bad”

Meanwhile, others took the reviews as a chance to throw shots at the former president, saying:

“Honoring her father’s legacy by dropping a giant bomb and not receiving any criticism for it”

“should’ve turned around and asked Malia’s dad what he was doing with those drones in Syria from 2012 to 2015.”


While this is her first big solo project, Malia’s been working in the industry for a while. She first interned for Harvey Weinstein as a script reader before the #MeToo Movement and then went on to work with Donald Glover after graduating. The good news is he’s said some truly glowing things about the young creative, so with an A-lister like him on speed dial, we think her career will be just fine — even after getting review-bombed! But still, this is a rough start!

Thoughts? Have you seen the film? What did YOU think? Let us know (below)!

[Image via Netflix & Sundance Institute/YouTube]

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