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The Internet Reacts To Donald Trump's LONG AF State Of The Union Address -- VIDEO HERE!

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The time has come!
On Tuesday, Donald Trump finally gave his first official State Of The Union address at the U.S. Capitol building, and boy, it was a doozy!
Before the speech even started, the President and Melania Trump arrived SEPARATELY to the event, according to CNN.
As we reported last week, the First Lady abruptly canceled a trip with Donnie to Davos, Switzerland amid reports he had an alleged affair with porn star Stormy Daniels. She has reportedly been spending “three to four days a week” at a luxurious D.C. hotel ever since the “humiliating” news broke out.
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To start things off, the businessman says the current state of the union is “strong,” because of its strong people. Ever since he took office, Trump takes credit for creating 2.4 million jobs (largely in manufacturing), raising wages, and lowering the unemployment rate, especially for African American and Latino communities.
He also says he enacted the biggest tax cuts in United States history, doubled child tax credit, and repealed the core of Barack Obama‘s Obamacare, getting rid of mandatory mandates.
In terms of the future, Trump urges both parties to set aside their differences, and to “seek common ground.” The President hopes to significantly lower the cost of prescription drugs, to make trade relationships with other countries fair and reciprocal, to rebuild our “crumbling infrastructure,” and to reform prisons in order to give second chances to those who have served their time.
In terms of immigration reform, he offers a proposal that strikes a compromise between Democrats and Republicans. Specifically, Trump wants to offer a path of citizenship to 1.8 million immigrants over a 12-year period based on their education, skill, and moral character; to fully secure the border (a.k.a. build the wall) which will close loopholes allowing “gang members” into the country; to end the visa lottery; and to protect the nuclear family by ending chain immigration.
During the extremely long speech, social media users couldn’t help but voice their opinions/frustrations on Twitter. They wrote:

WATCH a clip of the State of the Union address (below):

[Image via CBS News/Twitter.]

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