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Viral: Kids

Watch Congressman Try To Seriously Defend Donald Trump -- While His 6-Year-Old Makes Funny Faces The Whole Time!

Donald Trump Supporter Republican John Rose Son Silly Faces Video

Most of the arguments defending Donald Trump‘s crimes are ridiculous. This one’s just a little less subtle about it!

The former president was found guilty on all 34 counts of falsifying business records, all felonies since it was part of the criminal enterprise of hiding hush money payments to a porn star just days before the 2016 election.

But speaking of convictions, Trump’s Republican allies don’t seem to have any. They’ve firmly moved past the “he didn’t do it” phase to the “ok sure but this crime isn’t even a big deal” one. The big defense is how no one else is even tried for this kind of thing (obviously, provably false), and Trump was only prosecuted because he’s running for president. That second part, well… It’s kinda possible. But only because everyone has tried so very hard NOT to prosecute him. He’s gotten more special treatment than anyone we’ve ever seen in the public eye, but all in his favor. But if he committed crimes in order to help him win the first time (he did, he’s been found guilty), then he’s kind of forcing everyone’s hand by running again, right?

Lots of other politicians have committed crimes that make them unfit for office, and they historically have gotten prosecuted pretty quickly. We don’t remember this defense of Senator John Edwards when he was indicted for violating campaign finance laws. If you don’t remember, when he was running for president in 2008, he tried to cover up the fact he cheated on his wife while she had cancer. Oddly similar, but the entire Democratic party didn’t throw themselves in front of the bullet for him. It doesn’t set a precedent to prosecute criminals who happen to be politicians. It would set a scary precedent to AVOID prosecuting any crimes just because they’re committed by politicians. Just our take.

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Anyway, a much better way to undercut the terrible argument against Trump’s prosecution was delivered by a 6-year-old. As Tennessee Representative John Rose took to the House floor on Monday to defend Trump. And as he somberly made those same points about how this was a political prosecution, his son Guy sat behind him and got SO BORED! During the 5-minute speech he apparently noticed the camera and started making funny faces right at us.

The whole time Representative Rose has NO IDEA, which just makes it all the funnier as he makes these inane arguments for NOT prosecuting a politician who commits crimes with a stony-faced seriousness. See the viral moment (below):


[Image via WPLG/C-SPAN/YouTube.]

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