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A note to all program directors across America:

Please spare us!!!

Sean Kingston has the most annoying song of the summer, Beautiful Girls. And, now, he’s set to follow that up with an even more annoying song. Yes, it is possible!

This guy has got us feeling suicidal.

He’s worse than Akon!

Me Love is Sean Kingston’s second single, and – like its predecessor – it is built around an infectious sample, you know, cuz he’s so unoriginal he can’t come up with any new shiz.

Please, we beseech you. Don’t play this crapola on the radio.

It’s not one of those songs that grows annoying after a few listens. It’s annoying AFTER THE FIRST LISTEN!

Judge for yourself. Check it out below and then hope you never have to hear it again


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Jul 29, 2007 16:43pm PDT

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