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Dorit Kemsley Boasted About Expensive Clothes On RHOBH Hours Before Robbery -- But Teddi Mellencamp Blames Dana Wilkey?

Dorit Kemsley Boasted About Her Expensive Clothes On Real Housewives Hours Before Robbery -- But Teddi Mellencamp Blames Dana Wilkey?!

Well, that was some timing… It turns out The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills aired a conversation about Dorit Kemsley‘s incredibly expensive wardrobe just hours before she was robbed at gunpoint during a home invasion.

As fans know, the 45-year-old star hasn’t been shy about flaunting her luxury goods in the past and even gave a glimpse into her and her husband Paul Kemsley’s walk-in closet filled at their $6.5 million mansion in California back in May. So it comes at no surprise that during part three of the RHOBH reunion Wednesday, she discussed her obsession with designer items. On the episode, Kemsley reportedly bragged about how she purchased each and every high-end piece that she owns at retail price. The fashion designer said on the episode:

“I’m really particular. I want to wear what I want to wear, and it’s just easier. I just think, ‘I’ll buy it.’”

As Kemsley continued to detail her style, Bravo then showed photos of her wearing several pricey numbers from designers like Louis Vuitton, Vivienne Westwood, Christian Dior, and Alexandre Vauthier. She then added:

“I dress for myself — what I like.”

While this would normally be a casual conversation for the RHOBH cast, it is now just a chillingly ominous moment as three men broke into her home, threatened to kill her, and stole all of her jewelry and handbags just hours later. We cannot imagine how terrified Dorit must have been at that moment — especially since her two children were there too. And to be honest, we cannot help but think that the intruders could have gotten the idea to rob her from the many times she’s publicly flaunted her wealth — though obviously the reunion episode itself couldn’t have inspired the robbery unless it was a very impulsive decision…

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Interestingly, fellow Housewife Teddi Mellencamp is pointing fingers at someone else who she feels is partially to blame for the incident: RHOBH alum Dana Wilkey.

Dana recently posted a picture of a legal document on Instagram that showed Kemsley’s LLC on it. While the document did not disclose Kemsley’s exact home address, it did include the street she currently lives on as her company is named after it. After the news of the robbery, Teddi focused in on the inclusion as painting a big target on Dorit. The 40-year-old wrote in the comments section:

“I hope you sleep really well tonight. You put her and her kids in danger by posting this. Disgusting.”

FYI, the post has since been deleted. It is also unclear why Wilkey even shared the deposition in the first place, penning a cryptic caption that read:

“Guess why I’m posting this?”

According to Page Six, Kemsley’s husband took a shot in the comments and guessed that Wilkey uploaded the doc for attention — and to slander his wife’s name:

“The first [reason] is because she’s thirsty and wants more followers (don’t follow her) and thinks this will help, the 2nd answer is because she’s trying to imply to her less informed followers that this public document in some way suggests we the Kemsley’s [sic] have done something wrong and are crooks/con people.”

Paul went on to clarify what a “normal statutory document” is, saying:

“This is a statutory document that’s required by law and simply provides basic information about an LLC …”

He then added, alluding to the C-word:

“Because you have attempted to hurt my family’s reputation in a sad attempt to garner more attention I’m delighted to award you C..T of the week.”

Wow… and that was BEFORE they got robbed by someone who had their address!

It’s wild to think another Housewife’s s**tposting may have led to such a horrifying situation. We are continuing to keep Dorit and her children in our thoughts during this time.

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