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Drake Actually Responds To TikTok About Icky Reaction To Millie Bobby Brown Turning 18

Drake Millie Bobby Brown TikTok Reaction

Wow, to be honest we kiiiinda thought Drake was happy to ignore this controversy until the end of time.

In case you missed it, four years ago the God’s Plan rapper began a friendship with Millie Bobby Brown. She revealed in a magazine interview that after he invited her to a concert, they exchanged phone numbers and started to “talk all the time.” She even said he would tell her he “misses her.” It’s also reported he would give her “advice about boys.” The issue? Well, he was 31 years old and she was just 14 at the time. Yeah…

Definitely something that made us raise an eyebrow, but Drizzy certainly had plenty of defenders at the time.

Then folks pointed out something about his ex-girlfriend Hailey Baldwin — back before she got Beibered. See, he dated the model when she was 18 years old, but in an interview she revealed she’d known him for “about like four years” and he had been super sweet. Uh huh.

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While a great many fans were happy to keep the mini-scandal out of sight and out of mind for years, it reared its ugly head once again last month when Millie celebrated her 18th birthday. Naturally, quite a few folks who had come to accept Drake being icky with underage girls had to comment. Some were concerned, others just had to laugh. One of those was TikTok user Skylar Sheerman, who posted a vid poking fun at Aubrey using Spongebob dialogue, in which someone says:

“Finally! I’ve been trying to catch you boys all day!”

See it (below):

@skylarsheerman #greenscreen #drakethetypeofguy ♬ original sound – No context Spongebob

That video went viral, with well over half a million likes and who knows how many views. One of them? The man himself.

Yep, Drake actually responded to the vid several days later, commenting simply on Monday:


Wow! If you were surprised he commented, check out Skylar’s reaction!

Drake comments on Millie Bobby Brown TikTok
(c) TikTok

Wild that he even saw it. (Does anyone know this TikToker’s age btw? )

In any case, it’s clear he’s fine laughing off the controversy. Though we’re not sure that’s a good thing. We mean, this kind of thing is called grooming in pretty much every other circumstance, so how would it not be grooming here just because he’s a generally beloved celebrity? It is a real problem and a serious matter. If he isn’t taking the accusation seriously, it could be because it’s beneath him — or it could be because he doesn’t expect to ever face any real consequences? Hmm.

What do YOU think, Perezcious readers? Is Drake a groomer? Is this more evidence or less?

[Image via WENN/Millie Bobby Brown/Instagram.]

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