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Father's Day Causes Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson 'A Lot Of Pain' Because He 'Never Reconciled' With His Dad

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Says Father's Day Has 'A Lot Of Pain' Because He Was Never Able To 'Reconcile' With Dad

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson‘s Father’s Day was a very emotional time, on both ends of the spectrum.

On his Instagram on Monday, the 51-year-old actor got real about his relationship with his late father, WWE star Rocky Johnson. Referencing the holiday and reaching out to his followers who may be in the same boat, he wrote in the caption of a video:

“Had to tap back in to all my guys out there who – like me – no longer have our fathers to say Happy Father’s Day to.”

The Fast & Furious star went on to say he never got to say “goodbye” to his dad, who passed due to a heart attack in 2020, and this time of year is painful for him — even if his daughters make it great in other ways:

“My old man died suddenly a few years ago. Unfortunately, we got in a fight about a month earlier and I never reconciled with him or even had a chance to say goodbye. So for me, every Father’s Day has become very tricky because there’s a lot pain … But every Father’s Day is also one of my greatest days because I have three amazing daughters who tell me, I love you and Happy Fathers Day.”

The Jumanji alum explained in the video how his relationship with his father was very strained, right up until the end, due to a fight they had at Christmastime:

“I got in the biggest fight with my old man during Christmas 2019, the biggest fight I ever got in with him in my life, his as well with me. We fought. We weren’t talking, or I wasn’t talking, and three weeks later he dropped dead, and that was it. I never had a chance to say goodbye and I never even had a chance to reconcile what we were going through.”

So, so sad…

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The Rock has some advice for his followers, though. He urged them to reconcile with their own fathers if they have any bad blood, while there’s time:

“Do your best to reconcile because the alternative is something could happen and all of a sudden you’re writing the eulogy for your dad’s funeral, like I found myself. I woke up one day and he was gone, and I had to write that eulogy and deliver it. I don’t want that for you guys … If you have an opportunity, if your old man is around and you do have a shot to reconcile it. All our dads [who are] up in heaven are looking down on us now. Hopefully they’re proud of what they see.”

You can see the full post (below):

Such a tear-jerking and honest video! We’re sending Dwayne so much love and light.

[Image via The Pivot Podcast/WWE/YouTube]

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