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Ed Sheeran Mourns The Loss Of His Cat Graham

Ed Sheeran mourns the loss of his cat.

Ed Sheeran is heartbroken over a personal loss.

On Thursday, Liberty Shaw — the partner of the musician’s manager Stuart Shaw — revealed his cat, Graham, died after the animal was struck by a car this week.

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Liberty and Stuart reportedly took care of the feline when the performer was away.

She wrote on Instagram:

“Our lovely little bud Baby Ba Boo aka Graham the Kitten passed away last night after being hit by a car. We are absolutely heartbroken. He was such a dude. Funny and clever and best mates with a massive German Shepherd. We are going miss you so much. Thanks for all the fun. #Babybaboo”

On Wednesday, the Thinking Out Loud singer posted the (above) snap — of the cute pet on a guitar — with the simple caption:


According to various outlets, the red head rescued the furry friend in 2014.

The songwriter and his wifeCherry Seaborn, also share cats Dorito and Calippo.

R.I.P. Graham. You will be missed.

As we reported in July, Sheeran broke his silence regarding Taylor Swift‘s feud with Scooter Braun — who now owns her music catalog.

After the drama went viral, several fans took to social media to slam Ed for not immediately defending friend Swift, like Cara Delevingne, Halsey, and others have.

Critics wrote:

“so you, a songwriter and one of the most successful and influential musicians in the world, are just gonna stay silent on the fact that taylor swift, one of your friends or so we think, got robbed of 11 years of her own work”

“why aren’t you publicly showing your support of Taylor?”

“Speak up for Taylor ED! Where are you? #westandwithtaylor”

“So you decided not to care about ur BEST FRIEND situation? What. A. Shame.”

“you really should post something and stick up for taylor… #westandwithtaylor”

However, one fan defended Sheeran, and mentioned the possibility that “just because he didn’t post anything it doesn’t mean he is not supporting her, maybe he’s talking with her right now.”

The supporter penned:

“Why don’t you leave him in peace with that Taylor thing? Just because he didn’t post anything it doesn’t mean he is not supporting her, maybe he’s talking with her right now, who knows. You aren’t allowed to doubt their friendship just because he didn’t say anything on the social, cause they’re not real life. Maybe he’s the one who has supported her the most, because they’re best friends and he didn’t waste time writing on Instagram what he could have said directly to her.”

Ed later responded to the (above) message, and confirmed he is “speaking directly to” Taylor.

He explained:

“I have been speaking directly to her, like I always do.”


[Image via Ed Sheeran/Instagram.]

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