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Scientists Are Creating An Edible Banana Peel! That's BANANAS!!!

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Say goodbye to wasting the banana peel!!
Scientists in Japan are busy at work making an edible banana peel — which means you no longer have to toss out the peel when you get done eating your favorite fruit!!
And we’re not really sure how to feel about this! LOLz!!
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Japanese agricultural research company D&T Farm has been hard at work on what they call the Mongee banana, growing them in a very precise low-temperature setting so as to produce a very thin, edible peel.
Their method for growing the new Mongee bananas is to literally keep them in an environment at -75 degrees (seriously) and “freeze thaw” them to mimic Earth’s cold climate of 20,000 years ago when plants had to grow very rapidly.
Doing so produces a very thin, and apparently very edible, banana peel as a case around the delicious fruit, meaning you can apparently eat it all… and leave nothing behind.
For reference, it takes a normal banana plant about two years to grow to full maturity, while the Mongee banana plants can get there in four months.
Well that’s something!!! Thoughts???
Would YOU eat the banana peel??
[Image via WENN.]

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Jan 27, 2018 12:49pm PDT