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Kamala Harris' Stepdaughter Ella Emhoff Signs With Major Agency IMG Models: ‘She’s Communicating Fashion’

Kamala Harris' Stepdaughter Ella Emhoff Signs With Major Agency IMG Models: ‘She’s Communicating Fashion’

Move aside, Bernie, there’s a new fashion icon in town!

Kamala Harris’ stepdaughter Ella Emhoff is taking on another new title this week alongside her role as second daughter. She’s now the newest face signed to IMG Models, a top agency which represents the likes of supermodels Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, Karlie Kloss, and more! Poised to shake up the industry as we know it, you’re gonna wanna remember this girl!

The 21-year-old artist initially caught the attention of Ivan Bart, the President of IMG Models, as early as summer 2020, but it was her appearance at the Inauguration that really cemented his interest in the student.

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While there was much to gush about at the ceremony, Ella’s Miu Miu jacket immediately sparked conversation online (seen in the inset above, next to her mother Kerstin Emhoff). Bart shared his initial reaction to the youngster’s attire with the New York Times Thursday, saying:

“Wow, she’s communicating fashion.”

And thinking back on their first conversations which began after they encountered one another at a political fundraiser, Ivan added:

“What she wore and who she was [at the Inauguration] was in line with the person I met… That’s why everyone noticed her.”

But despite this epic partnership, Ella never considered a modeling career growing up. As a senior at New York’s Parsons School of Design (where she studies fine arts with a focus on textiles), she only began modeling last year. Emhoff noted:

“I was pretty surprised when everything with IMG was happening because when I was younger, I never saw that as being part of my timeline.”

She’s not afraid to say it either — she didn’t think she’d garner big interest in such a top-tier company because her appearance isn’t the norm. According to the model, she thought her “really weird tattoos and kind of a funky haircut” would eliminate any offers. The second daughter elaborated:

“As someone who, like a lot of young girls out there, had self-confidence issues, it is intimidating and scary to go into this world that is hyper-focused on you and the body.”

Real talk: we couldn’t be happier to have more of a varied and authentic representation of womanhood in the modeling world today. Diversity is beautiful! And her presence will surely be a powerful way to show kids it’s cooler to be yourself in all its uniqueness than conform to strict beauty standards.

On this topic, Bart told the outlet of the industry:

“It’s not really about shape, size or gender any more. Ella communicates this moment in time. There’s a cheekiness and a joy she exudes.”

But while it’s a joyous announcement now, Ella admits her family was initially “protective” of the idea she might agree to a modeling deal. However, they came around to the “intense” work environment considering the fashionista’s pure passion. The enthusiastic knitter explained:

“When they saw my interest in it and saw what is changing in that world… I think they’re pretty excited I can be part of that.”

That said, all the attention surrounding her 2021 Presidential Inauguration outfit still has her shocked.

“I knew the coat would be a hit because I loved it so much, and I think that’s all that really mattered to me… But I don’t think anyone expected the kerfuffle it caused on the internet.”

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Her stylists Jill Lincoln and Jordan Johnson (who have worked with movie stars Jennifer Lawrence, Margaret Qualley, and Kiernan Shipka), on the other hand, saw this coming from a mile away, chiming in:

“We had a feeling she would get some attention because she has a very specific look and aura, and would stand out whether wearing jeans and a tee, or a neon ball gown. Her talent and creativity knows no limits. In the short time that we have been acquainted, our takeaway is that it would be a disservice to the world for her to not show everyone what she is capable of inclusive of and beyond fashion.”

Also added to the IMG Modeling lineup is renowned poet Amanda Gorman, who also caught eyes at the January 20 event. We seriously couldn’t be more excited to see the ladies shine in their new endeavors!!

[Image via Ella Emhoff/Kerstin Emhoff/Instagram]

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