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Ellen DeGeneres Tried To Get A Restaurant Server FIRED Over Her Nail Polish?!

former server explains how ellen degeneres attempted to get her fired

This is WILD!

We’ve heard plenty of negative experiences by now from celebrities and former staffers who have interacted with and/or worked for Ellen DeGeneres over the years, and they just keep coming!

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Chris Farah, a comedian and actress, is the latest to share her story about the longtime TV host, saying the 62-year-old tried to get her fired from her server job over CHIPPED NAIL POLISH!

Farah recounted to that in 2014 she was serving DeGeneres and her wife, Portia de Rossi, at the El Lay vegan restaurant Real Food Daily during brunch, and the meal went off seamlessly… or so she thought!

Apparently, one week after the pair came in for lunch, Ellen emailed the restaurant’s owner to complain about the 35-year-old’s nail polish, resulting in her bosses attempting to suspend her for two weeks:

“She really went out of her way to try to hurt someone who was beneath her and serving her. You’re going to try to take money away from me for two weeks because you don’t like the way my nails looked? It’s s***ty. It’s not anything akin to her image of ”be kind”. It’s unnecessarily cruel and out of touch, and doesn’t understand the repercussions. It’s a crazy thing to do.”


Even if the restaurant had a policy about nail polish or beauty standards, that’s not the customer’s job to call out staff! “Talk Show Karen” indeed…

Chris recalled she was stunned at the time. The rumors of a toxic work environment at Ellen’s show were not yet widespread, and everything with the comedian had gone swimmingly:

“First of all I thought her demeanor was a little weird. It was like she was taken aback by me in some way. I just remember her being like ‘What’s Christina Applegate having?’ She was also in my section. She ordered that. Everything went down the way it should, and I’m really nice and warm, I was a really lovely server.”

It wasn’t until a week later when she was called into a conversation with her managers that she realized DeGeneres hadn’t been so friendly after all:

“A week later my managers were like ‘Chris did you happen to serve Ellen when she came in a week ago?’ I 100 percent thought it was a good thing. She was friends with the owner, and in my mind I was like ‘oh this is going to be a really good thing for me. She wants me to come on her show and serve mini cashew cheeses to the audience in some adorable way.'”

Ha! That was not the case.

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Farah added (below):

“My bosses looked at each other and kind of smirked. They said ‘she emailed Anne [the owner] and complained about your chipped nail polish.’ I was like ‘what?’ It had chipped the night before and I didn’t have time to get a fresh manicure after I closed the restaurant at 11pm and reopened at 8.30am the next morning. I probably shouldn’t have had chipped nail polish. But it wasn’t on her food or plate.”

According to Chris, because of the complaint from the Finding Nemo star, her managers tried to suspend her for two weeks, but she had already given her notice that she would be pursuing her stand-up career full-time.

Chris, an aspiring comedian herself, was understandably crushed by the “sadistic” situation:

“She’s obviously a very rich, famous, television person. She has to assume the person serving her is not as rich or famous as her — and most of us are struggling artists. I’m a younger, female person of color, I’m Lebanese-Syrian and she knows the power she has over this particular restaurant and owner because she has a relationship with them.”

While plenty of former employees have come forward with their experiences already, Farah believes that she should be judged more on these situations, and less on how she treated her famous peers:

“Some celebrities have come out on her side but yeah she probably wasn’t mean to you because you’re a freakin’ privileged celebrity. That’s not the point. The point is that she somewhat gets off on perpetrating misery on others. There’s an underlying sadistic-ness to her sometimes, under the veil of this whole “be kind to others” thing.”

Thoughts on this, y’all?? Let us know (below) in the comments!

[Image via Brian To/WENN.]

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